RC ADVENTURES – Jeepin’ in the Beast 4X4 Wrangler Rubicon

The Spring melt is finally here! It has been an unusually long winter – but at last we can stretch our legs and get out to have some fun! I made sure my “Beast” Axial SCX10 I have built.

This particular truck runs on Dual 35T Brushed Motors, and an RX8 ESC. Everything is powered by a GensAce 3s Lipo (8400mah). The Servo is a High Torque Savox, and the tires are Traxxas Sledgehammers. The rims are the GMade Air System 2.2 in size. The Drive Shafts are RC4WD steel Punishers, connected to a VanquishRC Transmission with RRP Steep Gears. This is an electric 4×4 that was pieced together over several years. The Shocks are Integy MSR10 (my personal favourite).

Everything about this truck has been made to be Super Tough, and durable. It is a very expensive truck – but certainly worth all the hours of amazing fun I have with it RCSparks Studio Photography

Enjoy my friends.. this is certainly an epic journey..

Tobias Braeker – “HOW TO get the bucket of RC wheel loader full WiTHOUT SPiNNiNG TiRES

This video is AWESOME! My friend Tobias Braeker takes some time to do a tutorial for RCSparks! Tobias knows I have recently acquired a Front End Loader.. and I’m struggling a bit with the practice. So, in true RC Community spirit, he took the time to do a GREAT Video showing how to Fill a Bucket without the Tires spinning. Here are a few words from Tobias:

There are only a few rules you have to follow and your wheel loader operation will look like the real one:

1. Keep the operation area in front of the pile flat
2. Acute-angle of 2-3 degrees between ground and bucket blade
3. Lifting the bucket to avoid spinning of front wheel
4. Drawn back the bucket to avoid spinning of rear wheels
5. Constant but less driving speed
6. Harmonic cooperation of speed, lifting and drawn back
7. Training, training, training

GRAUPNER LiEBHERR L574 Hydraulic Loader – 1/15th Scale Snow Removal

This is my first time using the this loader. I have been dialling it in, and have since switched out the old FM radio that it came with. This loader is actually 14 years old.. but was well taken care of. It is an original Graupner 1:15th scale Hydraulic Loader. The Noise you hear coming from it is the Hydraulic Pump. I have it on a variable knob so I can control the pressure. This loader turns with a Hydraulic piston, not a servo. The only servo’s on this unit are Micros, that control the Hydraulic Flow Block.


RC ADVENTURES – PM Hobbycraft – a Radio Control Wonderland

In the Spirit of supporting family-run hobby shops, I make this film in dedication PM Hobbycraft – a Very Awesome RC Wonderland!

Thank you to everyone involved at this store for helping make RC ADVENTURES as good as it can be RCSparks Studio Photography The RC ADDiCTS of the Online World Thank You!

“PM Hobbycraft” – Simply put – RC Heaven. I have been going to PM Hobbycraft for more than 15 years.. Yup, I said it..(haha). I remember the first time I walked in to this store.. I was about 17 – drooling over all the cool toys they had. If I only knew then what I knew now.. (more…)

Making a Full Scale 4×4 Truck look like an RC – Ford F-150, Cap-it, A.D.D, Rigid – PT1

The RCSparks Studio project “Making a Full Scale 4×4 Truck look like an Radio Control Truck”, Build Video series is underway! Everett and I went down to the Calgary South Cap-it truck accessory store to start the build! Unveiling some Addictive Desert Designs & Rigid Industries products is only half the fun. These guys are a great team! The Truck: 2013 Ford F-150 FX4 Twin Turbo Ecoboost Chase rack installed.. and hint to what is next!

Here is the First Build Video

Enjoy my friends!