RCSparks Studio proudly supports the Ashley Cup 3, 2015

The RCSparks Studio is proud to be a sponsor of the “Ashley Cup 3″ 2015, and encourages all to support the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This is the 3rd year that this event is taking place in memory of young Ashley, who was gone too soon. Much love & good karma sent to Egyptsean – Good for him carrying on in the spirit of his daughter Ashley and her idealism for helping those in need. For more information on how to support this event, please visit: http://ashleycup.com/

RCSparks Studio Photography

SNATCH BLOCK & WiNCH ACTiON – The BEAST – Custom 4×4 Radio Control Truck

Everything is SO Slippery when its this cold out – Snow Mixed With Frozen Dirt and iCE. The Studs on my tires are very effective, but due to the cold temperatures – the the rubber freezes up. The angle of approach and sheer amount of ice requires WINCH ACTiON! So why not take advantage of using my winch, and snatch blocks to ensure my journey is fun and adventurous! I use these scale accessories to activate my imagination and I imagine that I am precariously hanging on to the side of a slippery mountain in a very cool truck!

Jumping a 30ft gap with a Traxxas Slash 4×4 Ultimate Edition Radio Controlled Truck

I have made the jump 30 foot from peak to peak – and I made it at such an angle it throws the RC high in the sky – or, at least that it is what it is designed for. This is my Traxxas Slash Ultimate edition. When purchased it comes with all the aluminum upgrades already done. To power this truck (everything is stock) I am using a 3s 5000mah lipo battery. Its a hard case, and quite heavy. For the tires, I am using Proline Racings brand of paddle or “scoop” tire. The truck handles great in the air, and I look forward to jumping this truck again!

10×10 Project: OSHKOSH LVSR MKR18 Heavy Cargo Transport System

I have had a great BREAK THROUGH! It came to me while surfing the net researching military machines.. and I figured out how to do this. Everyone always asks me about the “Capo” 8×8 truck I built a few years back. I never used it very much – and in this video I explain why.

I also have 5 RC4WD Bully Ver 2 Comp MOA Rock Crawler Axles. I want to do an Overkill Overhaul.. but now I’ve decided to build an entirely New Rig. I have figured out a worth-while marriage for these two rigs by using the principles I learned from BOTH MACHiNES. It is time to build the ULTiMATE MiLITARY TRANSPORT MACHINE.

I can’t think of a better conversion for PROJECT OVERKiLL, then a “LVSR MKR18 HEAVY TRANSPORT VEHiCLE”! LVSR stands for “Logistics Vehicle System Replacement”.


RiVER RESCUE Attempt – Chevy Beast 4×4 Radio Control Truck

The BEAST is unveiled as a Rescue truck.. but the first mission could have gone a little better.. Rough waters..

(1080p HD for the clearest water viewing), What a crazy scenario out in the woods again. Some 4×4 Ya-hoo got himself stuck in the creek completely killing his jeep in a waterfall. No Power, and the wheels are locked. The Beast Chevy moved in to take a hold of the situation – but truly, this was a crazy event. The fast moving water and the unstable rocks made this rescue attempt a very dangerous one. Don’t worry – all people were recovered from the fast moving waters – and no one was hurt. Thankfully!

We also recovered the the vehicles – though they were a little water-logged! haha

My Red Truck (Rescue Truck) is not completed. I am still awaiting the windshield, light kit, headlight covers and a few other things to arrive. It’s a work in progress!

Rock City Adventure Part 1 – by Chet Ophus

We made it back for another round. This time, we took along someone new to my videos, Joe. He brought along his Redcat RS10 and I had my Dodge SCX10 and Alex had his amazing Jeep SCX10. The three of us took on Rock City and explored sections of Rock City we hadn’t taken on before. This is Part 1 so make sure to watch for Part 2.

I also tried a new intro and outtro I put together so let me know what you guys think!

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