HUGE Backyard Rock Course – Tips & Tricks Challenge – Axial XR10 – PT3

Hello fellow RC ADDiCTS – NEW ViDEO!

Heads up, for the next 7 days,(back April 30th) as I am taking some time with my family. Lot’s going on at our place, and my full attention is needed. I will try and do a mid-week video, but as mentioned – I am spending time with the family! There are almost 850 episodes of RC ADVENTURES, I hope there are a few you may not have seen, and they can fill in for me while I am away from YouTube! I will be here on Facebook though smile emoticon
Thanks for watching todays video, and see ya on the rocks!!

Calgary Blackfoot RC Race / Scale 4×4 Tracks & SO MUCH MORE!

Community Life 101 – “every person puts in as much or more then they take out”. What a great example of a community spirit coming together at the Blackfoot RC Park today! So many people, working their tails off to get Calgary positioned to be one of the most versatile and fun RC tracks in Canada. I went out today and was really happy to be in the sun, moving rocks with the guys, and shaping some of the courses. Just knowing that there will be SO MANY people there this season, made me smile, and the efforts of all of the volunteers are just SO appreciated. The Radio Control hobby is surging with power throughout the world, and the opportunity to get out with friends to create something that fuels peoples imaginations, creativity and drive to have fun – is just a privilege. Here is the address in case you are in the Calgary area.. : Address: 6 Highfield Circle SE, Calgary, AB T2G 5N5

RC iCE BREAKER Fire & Rescue Ship Maiden Voyage – Aquacraft RESCUE 17

The ice is perfect, and the thick fog has settled across the land. A Maiden Voyage, and what an amazing day to get in some practice in with my Ice Breaker, Rescue & Fire Suppression Boat. I have been waiting for this video ever since I unboxed this beautiful rig back in this video:

I know a lot of folks ask me about the products I use, so I usually grab some info on the rig and post it here. For this rig – please see the following from the Aquacraft Website!

“The hull gleams, the lights shine — and the water cannon really works!

Authentically detailed – and ready for action! (more…)

FPV FiiK BIG DADDY with Lithium (LiFePO4) Battery Electric Off Road Skateboard

The snow is finally melting, and I can get outside on my “BiG DADDY” Off Road Skate Board by “Fiik Skateboards” This machine is the upgraded Battery version, and really is a Blast To Ride. This is only my third ride on this killer board, and was really fun to splash through the puddles at speed! I had to replace the sound with music, because the wind crossing the camera microphone was so loud! Because folks always ask me about where I get my products – or product specs, here is a few words about the BiG DADDY from Fiik’s Website:


SCANiA R560 Wrecker 8×8 towing a KiNG HAULER Semi-trailer Truck

One never knows when one will need a heavy hauler to come and rescue you from the side of the road. But for this unlucky Truck Driver – not only is he stuck on the side of the road – but he needs a recovery when his rig starts to give him engine troubles. When owner/operators have issues like this not only do they lose the load, but they have a hefty bill to pay to the towing company. When a trucks not moving – it’s costing everyone money. When a big rig is on the back of a tow truck – it costs even more.


MUD SOUP – Radio Control Trucks get Dirty

What a great day to get outside and enjoy some mud! Only 1 Problem.. It’s February and the ground is Frozen Solid. Well.. as a true RC Addict, screw that – Im making some Mud! Out comes my Skid Steer, a few Buckets of water, some top soil.. and we got SOME MUD! I have brought out a few Trucks to get soupy – a FrankenCrawler 6×6, a converted vintage metal Tonka Dump Truck, a Powerful Modded 4×4, and my Traxxas Summit! Also, for a Recovery option – I brought out my NEW Tow Truck.. to test it’s mite!

I expect each truck to Fail, and though this is a 10 minute video – the film took several hours to film. Interesting things happened to the trucks…

— SPOiLER ALERT! — Reading below this line will answer some questions but ruin your movie surprises – read on only if you have seen the video..