Robugtix T8 Spider – it will make your skin crawl!

If you are Arachnophobic, or under 6 years old.. you may not want to watch this..

Approximately two years ago I purchased a “pre-order” for one of these amazing remote controlled Robugtix spiders. Though I was supposed to receive it within 6 months of the pre-order date – development of this machine took 3 times longer than planned. The company was very quiet, but dropped updates and status on development on their website. Finally, after a very long wait.. the product was shipped to me, and my order was filled. WOW.. Worth the wait!! haha 🙂 This thing is down right creeeepy! It is the size of a dinner plate, and operated through a wi-fi system on your mobile device. The T8 sets up a small intranet to chat to the mobile device as you use a platform for joysticks and movement. The GUI could use some work, and is very basic – but functional – barely. Lol. But.. with some practice I think this little spider has some great potential. Scary potential! Who knew we are living ina world with robotic spiders that can carry out commands.. YiKES! Next they will be jumping, flying and landing on you.. haha.

Halloween will never be the same again!

Check out more info on this product by visiting the Robugtix Website