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Newest cool Rc boat

Newest cool Rc boat

Alex and Jacob testing out the new atomic Barbwire Rc boat

The Axial Wraith Arrives at RCSparks Studios

RCSparks Studio Captures an Axial Wraith

WOW!! My friends, what a BEAUTIFUL MACHINE!

Late last evening, the Axial Wraith was delivered to the studio by UPS. It was like a scene from an EPiC Feature Film.. – Picture it: It was 8:30pm, and had been POURING RAIN all day, and all week. I was sitting in the studio, editing my latest RC ADVENTURE and my ears perked up to the sound of squeaky breaks – stopping just outside my office.


RC Sailing on the Burnt River, Fenelon Falls ON Canada

My dad and uncle rocking the RC sail boats. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
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RC Quad Copter 1st flight

Home Build RC Quad Copter Frame Cost me less then R50 ()
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The ART of an RC Movie – By RobscoRC

Once every couple of weeks, the RCSparks Studio has the privilege of posting an Article written specifically for us by one of our Senior Members and most experienced RC video production crew. Well this week is a special treat as ROBSCORC does a great write up for the viewers and visitors – discussing his process of production.. Enjoy my friends!


Wheelies, Racing, and Body Damage!

Racing and Wheelies with buddies… is there Anything better on a Friday Night?

On a neighbourhood side road a few of my buddies take it to the streets to test their might against the asphalt of the quiet city street.

Still breaking some of these rigs in .. full throttle ws used more towards the end.. but AWESOME job to Ted of Teds Garage for pulling off some trick Wheelies with the rig he was using. nice one bro.

KC.. Quit your whining.. you gave your rig to Scott to drive.. what did ya expect would happen.. :-0 Lol!

Anyways.. Hope you folks enjoyed the video. Remember to always play safe when you are on side streets. Take note that there was a spotter down the road to keep everyone safe and alert of traffic.