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RC ADVENTURES – Paint Tutorial – Dually Build Update

So many people have asked me to do a Painting Tutorial on my gradient effect with spray paint – Since I was painting my new GMC TopKick body, to fit my Extended SCX10 Frame.. I figured it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t show you guys how I do it! So by popular request.. I present an RCSparks Studio BODY PAINTING TUTORIAL!

Changing Your Shock Fluid

Here at NitroRCX we know that from time to time our R/C’s need a little bit of tending to in order to keep things running smoothly. One of the thing’s you ca…
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Here is a little teaser of whats to come, just need to edit it all together. Enjoy! Don’t forget to check out ! Song Title: roughcut Artist:…

New FernDog Welcome video

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Ted’s GARAGE – Uncensored & Extended Version

Ahhhh, yes.. The Infamous “Ted’s Garage”. Simply put – an RC Rock Crawlers Haven. Put into a complex ideology – “Ted’s Garage” is a melting pot of how the RC world and the human organism comes together to make a unique experience. The regulars of Ted’s garage, are not surprised by seeing a video such as the one listed below – but others can see the magic. So limited in discovery – a place of camaraderie, competition, ambition, defeat, succession, and family. Isn’t that what the hobby is truly about? Read more below..


D2 Design IOM RC Yacht “Mouse”

Taken from an android phone.
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