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La Flota Perdida (24 Submarinos + I-401 “Sen Toku”) (3)

The submarines were greeted with ceremonial brass bands in early 1946, but within a few months it was decided to scuttle the Japanese designs, partly because…

Proboat Miss Elam Hydro Enters the Studio

Well.. I can say I am officially in over my head.. Bahah IN RAW POWER. What do you think everyone, is this boat a beauty of what? I don’t even have much to talk about .. other than the very little I know about boats.. but I acquired this beauty in a trade for one of my “famous” mini-rock crawlers – “The Spider”. now.. getting ready for next season – I have a great new boat I will be happy to film in the spring. I just have to learn about it!


Kyosho Mint Las Vegas – O.S 52 engine test

This is an engine test video. The buggy in the video is a Kyosho Mint Las Vegas with an O.S 52 4-stroke engine. The engine is already break-in by the previou…
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Blade Nano cpx Ceiling Landing

Stock motor with Extreme 200mAH 35C battery Microheli swash plate and CF anti-rotation guide DX6i.
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My Sweet New RC Ruckus!!

My Sweet New RC Ruckus!!

This is the ruckus that i was so lucky to win from URBANRCLA! Thanks again guys you’ve made me very happy! I’m just starting out but I will be posting videos…

“Mile Stone” CONTESTS BEGIN! RCSparks Studio Fun

Because of the support of Youtube, and Online Viewers from all around the world, RC Adventures have been able to Grow from a simple idea – into a a budding community of Hobby Enthusiasts from Around the world! Please Click the Following Link to See What People Have To Say About The RCSparks Community

Today I notice that there are Several Achievements I would like to acknowledge..

AUGUST 24th, 2011

1) 300 Episodes of RC ADVENTURES !! (Youtube) (Additional 65 on Vimeo)

1) 17,000 Subscribers!! (Youtube)

2) 18,500,000 Total Upload Views (Youtube)

3) 1,700 Members on the RCSparks Studio Forums!!

4) 1,500 Friends on Facebook!

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