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Project Overkill: Black Tundra Rising

For 19 Episodes, you patiently watched in amazement as I constructed the most EPiC and unique build videos online. For 8 long months, you saw the project evolve from an Axial SCX10 Dingo – into the RCSparks Mammoth Dually: Project Overkill. Four Tekin FXR ESC’s and Four 35t Brushed Motors – all tie into a Dual Transmission system that drives 6 Tires.. mounted on an Extended Custom Rude Boyz Fabricated Chassis. A 1/10 Scale GMC TopKick Pulling MACHINE.

How can I make this film any more EpiC?! By Re-introducing the truck that started it all.. The Black Tundra.

UK Scale Nationals 2011 – J.Scott Curlin Reporting

RCSparks Studio Photography

Written by: J. Scott Curlin (AceofAxe)
Pictures by: Chris Dickinson ( and Peter Gray (RRCI)

UK Scaler Nationals, 2011

Friday, Sept 30 2011, I was packing up my car to head to my first R/C Scaler competition. Not knowing what to expect or what would be available, I loaded down my car with everything I thought I might need. To say I went overboard would be an understatement. I brought enough food and drinks to feed an army. I brought every spare part I had for my trucks. I loaded up my trusty SCX-10 and the newly converted AX-10 to SCX-10. Of course I couldn’t leave the Slash or all the spares for it behind. Now, 2 hours behind schedule with a 3 hour drive in front of me, I set off.


Characters of Imagination

RCSparks Studio Photography

Though I usually have very long days either Filming, Coding this website, Youtubing, or otherwise ~ I always enjoy visiting RC Clubs. Especially ones that have great camaraderie and a sense of community spirit. I have been to many of these clubs in my search for RC ADVENTURES – and Rude Boyz RC club is one of my favourites. Just down right dirty, ridiculous fun. This is another Gold GEM in the middle of Calgary. I am very fortunate to live in a city that has so many RC Enthusiasts and kind folks that open their garages to the hobbyists that want to find a “home base”.

I’ve always believed you have to be a little crazy, a little insane and a whole lot of AWESOME to be a part of these types of groups…


RCSparks Introduces PM Hobbycraft

Hello to all of the RC ADDiCTS of the world! My friends.. you know Im always travelling about, reporting on different hobby stores that I visit. Well, I think it would be appropriate to show you a little of my own “back yard”. Folks are always asking me where I get my stuff from, and due to an over-whelming popular request – I will show you.

RCSparks Studio Photography


DIY – I make a Rolling Work Bench for the Studio

Well my friends, a lot of us need moving work benches in our hobby rooms – and I figured in the new garage.. I might as well start slapping one together. Now, Ive never actually made one before.. but how hard can it be! This starts a new Mini-series on my shenanigans while having fun putting a project together. Enjoy!

Click Below for Second Video!


Rc Speedboat Sea Rider Offshore Lite

First run with the Sea Rider Offshore Lite Speedboat equipment: Original length: 420 mm motor: 480 brushed water-cooled speed: + 25 km/h (very fast on water)…