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NEW AXiAL SCX10 4X4 RTR Unboxing: RCSparks Decals Included!

My friends – the RCSparks Studio is happy to present the new AXiAL SCX10 Honcho Revised and Updated. In this video, I Unbox, and give my initial opinions on what I see. I also do a light, “cross-comparison” to another scale Truck in my studio. I think the new truck looks pretty cool.. and the KIT, well that has potential written all over it! Will I do the kit build? In short – Yes.

Also, as an Added bonus – Axial has added Many of your favorite Rock Crawling, and Trail Crawling websites on the Decal sheet! RCC, Scale Builders Guild, Scalerc4x4, and more!! This is a limited edition run, and is just plain ol’fun !! Enjoy the video my friends :)

Interviews with Drivers at TEDS GARAGE

A Special THANK YOU from the RCSparks Studio goes to the Entire Crew at the now Infamous TEDS GARAGE. For years they have let me bring a camera into the club and share their fun with the entire world. Now with all Eyes turned towards this Elite RC Club of Rock Crawling PRO’s – each week they teach new people techniques and inspire Rock Crawling Clubs all around the Globe. To the Members of the Calgary Crawlers and at Teds Garage – I think I can speak for not only myself – but the viewing audience, when I say WE THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR FUN WITH US! We hope for many more Episodes with the Rock Crawler Club that the World has been watching for almost 3 years!

Help Protect Your Off-road RC from Water, Mud, and Snow

My friends, I figured that since I did the “How to Build Snow Chains For a Scale RC Truck”video, that I better continue in assisting you to get your RC ready for the seasonal weather. I have been a long time user / believer in “Marine Grease”. Its quite thick and highly water in-soluble. Taking advantage of a good price, and getting your RC closer to complete water resistance – this video will show you what I use at the RCSparks Studio for all of my rigs.

4X4 PROJECT: OverKiLL – Plow and Snow Chains

My Friends!! WOO HOO! What a Great day.. finally I get to start attaching the PLow that KARL Shafer made for me a few months ago. Now that the Winter months are upon us.. the white cold icy snow should arrive anytime. This time.. I will be ready. It is War.. and I have my War machine. The Battle of Broken Backs will soon begin…

Cheap RC Tire Chain Tutorial – How To DIY

WOW! Get it while its hot! I just released this video tutorial on “How to make Tire Chains” for your RC Scale 4×4 Truck. This way cost me only about $30.00 in Chain – and thats becuase I purchased a lot of it. You would be able to get away with about $18-$20. Now that you know HOW to do this, please be responsible with the way you use it! I use these chains on SLOW moving vehicles. I DO NOT suggest this for High Speed vehicles. Mis-use of any RC Product can cause harm, so please be a responsible RC’r!

Have Fun my fellow RC ADDiCTS.. and don’t pack up those trail Trucks. The Season is JUST Beginning!!

Discussion Thread

Teds Garage – Ryan Supports “Mo-vember”

Too Classic! “Movemeber”is another word for Mustaches in November, in support of Men Getting their… Well it has to do with Finding a cure for Cancer! Folks all around the world show support by growing a HUGE mustache. Great to See folks being a good sport about it! Apart from the Porno-stache.. Ryan also shows the RC ADVENTURES viewers how to lower the center of gravity on a Rock Crawler using wheel weights. Double thumbs up for this EXTENDED version of TEDS GARAGE!