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LOSi 5ive T (5T) is Dominating my Time !

I’m not quite sure what to say here .. Other than this 5th Scale Rage is taking me by storm. The new Losi 5ive T is simply remarkable! I will let this video speak for itself.. and THANKS for watching!

LOSI 5ive T – 1/5th Scale, Gas Powered, Short Course Truck!

Incredible! This is the LARGEST RC I have ever owned. the Scale of the truck is ENORMOUS.. and is certainly the King of the Dirt track. A 4X4 Short Course truck – powered by a Fuel Mix of Gas and Oil. As mentioned, I got my rig at PMHobbycraft, one of the RCSparks Site Sponsors. I took a picture of my Hugging the RC, I could BARELY get my Arms around it.. look at this…!


My FIRST Water Landing .. in the WIND?! Ha ha :-)

Part of the reason I do this hobby, is to see what limits I can push. I have the good fortune of being able to try out all different types of gear that I get in the studio – and that gives me the ability to Modify, upgrade, downgrade and try all sort of neat things. Well, this super cub is one of the products that I love. Been using the Cubby for years – and this one in the video is 5th generation for me. BUT! One of the things I have never done – was to go and land on a lake…. (more…)

My “Ghost Rider” Replica takes his first Run on the Venom VMX 450 Dirt Bike!

WOW! The Venom VMX Dirt Bike is AWWWESOME! It’s certainly not like ANY other RC Ive ever driven / Run before. Totally different with only two wheels.. and a BALL OF FUN to fool around with! The inside mechanics of the 1/4 Scale Bike make it a handful to wrap your mind around.. but definitely.. once I had a few packs through it – it was OFF THE HOOK! ANY RC could always be made “better”, but out of the box this bike did not fail to impress me.