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How Did YOU Discover the RCSparks Studio? Share Your Story!

When I started the RCSparks Studio forums in 2011.. never did I know how amazing they were going to be, just a short time later! RC ADDiCTS from ALL OVER the WORLD have been visiting us – and sharing their own RC excitement! One of the threads I started here in the “early days” was titled “How did YOU Discover RCSparks?.

Well, can you believe that almost 200 people have shared their story about how they came to this site! I think that is fantastic!

Here is a Link! “How Did YOU Discover the RCSparks Studio?”


Cool Youtube Channel! “puhjay69” is killing it with Fun Vids!

WOOOOOO!! Always a treat to see Youtube RC visionaries doing their thing. Its the best of different worlds combined. Music, Video, Building, and Imagination. What could be better? Something you can pour your heart and soul into, and create anything you like.. while sharing it with the world. One of the RC Video channels that I have discovered goes by the name of “puhjay69” By using creative angles, well selected music.. and a great filming style.., this RC Videographers channel is putting out some great stuff! His recent film features a RC4WD Trail Finder 2 that looks SICK! I especially like the paint job on his rig.

My friends, heres a Sample of what you will find on his channel! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE :)

“CrawlerTedsGarage” Aquacraft Kings Ransom Pirate Ship – COOL!

The RCSparks Studio is Always on the lookout to support and promote some very cool RC Youtube channels.. and I have found another one! The Canadian Crawler King himself (TED) has been busy at work with his video camera. His Youtube channel is simply “CrawlerTedsGarage” A quick glance at his Youtube channel.. you can see that his experience in RC is not just limited to climbing insane boulders.. but branches out into all areas of our fantastic hobby. In the above video, his filming bud “J.D” is a fellow RC enthusiast as well. In fact a J.D is a champion rock crawler in the Canadian Sportsman class winner, 2011. Thanks for sharing this cool video with us guys! I encourage everyone to subscribe to Ted’s channel for upcoming fun!

NiTRO LOVE – RC Monster Trucks, Buggies, Truggies, & MORE! PT1

Well, as the Spring / Summer is now upon us.. we are all privileged to see the NiTRO’s come alive! The Blackfoot / Wild Rose RC track is always PACKED with cool cars and amazing trucks. In this video I was able to capture some FANTASTIC BASHING and Freestyle, open course racing. The drivers didn’t let me down even for a moment! It was SPEEDY high Flying action and I am glad I grabbed my camera! So, without a further ado.. I hope you Enjoy this video.. and it inspires you to get out, and HAVE SOME FUN!

Here is a Link to the discussion forum!

DOGCrick Productions: ESP SHOW – Extreme Scale Performace

At the RCSparks Studio.. I like to make mention of other RC Videographers that Make an EXTRA Special effort to have the hobby promoted in the COOLEST WAY possible! One of the ways I can do this is by featuring AWESOME videos from these Artists. “DOGCrick” is a Scale RC Video Producer that is certainly a rising star in the world of online Video RC Promotion. Dogcricks “real name” is Joshua Elliot.. and he has been pumping out pretty darn cool videos on Youtube and across the internet! I am very happy to showcase the following video from him, and Ask you to Subscribe to his channel! He has THE VISION & Deserves Front Page at RCSPARKS! If you look closely at his Youtube channel.. you will even see that his Dogs “D-BOE, JELLY & MOKE DA MONSTER” love to get in on the action!

Awww! A Young RC ADDiCT Showing his SUPPORT!

AWWW .. Give this young fella a LIKE CLiCK on HiS Youtube Video Please..

He is so proud..!

…and So am I :~) So Super Cool!