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LOSi 5ive T Gas 4X4 at the Construction Site! AWESOME

Yes my friends.. its a great feeling when you can find a wide open construction site.. that has a “natural” track built in. All the construction rigs have been driving around in circles over the last month.. and now there is a temporary 5th Scale Track. .Baha! So I took advantage of it today.. and headed down. I got permission from the contract holders to RC there while the guys were working! So – OF COURSE I had to offer the controls to the BOSS! Haha.. They were great guys.. fascinated with the BEAST Machine. Little did they know.. I had a very rich mixture of Oil and Gas.. and the TRUE potential of this rig.. There will be more Days like this, Im sure!

PMHobbycraft GRAND OPENING! DJMEDiC2008 / Crawler Ted – Autograph Signing – Read For Details

PMHobbycraft, one Canada’s LARGEST Hobby Stores – is having a GRAND OPENING for the SECOND Location in Calgary, Canada. Its a MASSiVE Place indeed! Celebrating opening a South store in Calgary – PM Hobbycraft has planned a 3 DAY MASSIVE EVENT. Starting on September 28th-30th! Did you want to Meet DJMEDi2008 from Youtube? Here is YOUR CHANCE! If you are at PM Hobbycraft (the South Location) SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th – between 11:00 AM and 1:30PM – come on by and have a chat with a the RC video producer who has reached more than 50 MiLLION hobbyests with his show “RC ADVENTURES”. Canadian Rock Crawling Legend “Crawler TED” will also be on location from the FAMOUS TEDS GARAGE! Now is your chance to meet some of your favourite Youtubers and discover an EPiC HOBBY Store! PRIZES, GiveAways and MORE! For More Information about this GRAND OPENING – Click this LINK!

Today We Celebrate – 50,000,000 Views to RC ADVENTURES

Fifty Million. 50,000,000. 50 Million. What a Number. No matter how many times I write this number – nor how many ways I can write it… It still astounds me. RC ADVENTURES was started in 2009. I started as an employed hobbyest. I had a “regular job” at an IT company. Naturally I was an introvert.. but over the years of me being a Rave DJ by night.. and Client Services Manager by Day (IT world), I slowly found myself getting out of the nightlife.. and into the “weekend” life. I found a New Hobby in Radio Control, and a refreshed sense of self worth through sharing my videos online. Youtube was a new Media Medium – and folks were just starting to discover High Definition video…


AMRRacingRC, Proline, Tekin & GensAce – Let’s Upgrade my Traxxas Slash Ultimate

My friends.. WOW! My rig looks amazing.. After Hand selecting the products I wanted.. I carefully.. and Slowly installed all the fun stuff. After waiting for shipping.. it was TOTALLY Worth it. This video is about 25 minutes long.. and gives a look at the final product. Good to be back in the studio again.. and I kept the feel of the Film fairly “Raw”. No big production.. just you and Me – Hanging out :~) Lot’s of Links in the Video Description box, on Youtube. Enjoy!

Stunning Mini V12 Engine – For an RC :~)

This is certainly not a New Video – but one that should be seen over and over. Watching this man build a custom small V12 Motor is like watching Geppetto construct Pinnochio the Puppet. Such fine craftsmanship – and alluring power of a miniature Engine that could run a Radio Controlled Car. The Envy of every manufacturer and Fabricator.. this Video should be shared 1 Million times over. The RCSparks Studio commends this gentleman for inspiring imaginations world wide with mechanical skill and passion. AWESOME!

A Group Trail Run – On Mars?!

As JEM and I make our way across the prairies.. we pondered what this RC ADVENTURE video would look like. We were off to go meet some friends and head out onto the Desert-like terrain of Drumheller Alberta, Canada. This place isn’t far from our city of Calgary, about 1 1/2 hours drive. Meeting with our friends.. we packed up the trucks.. and headed for the hills! A Special thank you goes out to The Dave’s, Sandra and the family! Thank you so Very much for a wonderful day.. that allowed me to capture some very fun times to remember!