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Just a GREAT RC VIDEO! Well done my friends..

I love these video skills. From the Youtube Channel “Oishialloadmin” SO EPiC and Creative. This is a wonderful example of how imagination, good editing, and great driving can come together to make a very cool film. When I saw this film.. I wanted to pick up an RC and go play! Just what an RC Video is for! GREAT JOB :~) RCSparks Studio APPROVED!

Teaser / Trailer – ” LoSi 5T UPGRADE” Video Series about to Begin!

The boxes are starting to arrive in the Studio. I have been awaiting many of these cardboard wonders for MONTHS! My friend “Chris De Graaf” from Hemistorm and many other manufacturers have been sending in their great products for a HUGE UPGRADE Video to one of my RC’s!

Team Tekin – Redline Gen2 Sensored Brushless Motors

Tekin’s second generation motors carry forward engineering principles and performance benchmarks set by the Tekin Redline name. The Gen2 Redline Sensored Motor incorporates the latest technology advancements in brushless motor design and manufacturing, giving you the torque and RPMs you want when you need it. On Road or Off, Tekin’s Gen2 Sensored motors handle your demands and deliver smooth power across all RPMs. (more…)


I like the Traxxas Summit 4×4 VERY MUCH so far! I Love to keep running videos exciting, fresh and new. WELL! I want to rise to that challenge in this video with NO TRICK Videography! By visiting Different locations, running over different terrains and making sure to put myself to the test was the secret in this video. I wanted to show what it was like running with the summit in “real time”. It is a Fall day.. kinda getting cold. I can definitely tell there is a performance difference when the weather is colder.. but I didn’t mind. I was surprised at how clean the truck was when I was done. The tires still looked like new.. and there wasnt even a scratch on it. (more…)

AMR Racing RC gives praise to the RCSparks Studio

AMR Racing RC has seen huge success with our graphic kits in such a short amount of time after only recently immersing ourselves into the exciting world of RC’s back in May,2012. has helped our business significantly in growth after featuring our kits in multiple videos in the past several weeks. “DJMedic2008″/ Aaron Bidochka has been a pleasure to work with over the past few months. After having featured some AMR Racing RC kits in episodes of his popular “RC Adventures” Web Series, we have seen a significant increase in website traffic and awareness of the AMR RC Brand. (more…)

rcWizzards 1/4 Scale Grave Digger is just AMAZiNG!

WOW! I love the world of Radio Control. Its Just TOO COOL! I have been following the rcWizzard on Youtube for a few years now, and I have always been amazed and stunned at the work he does. His ongoing build of the 1/4 Scale Grave Digger is Hands down – one of the coolest things on the internet. Powered by a V8 Conley Engine, (that’s right, a Real Scale V8 Gas Engine) – He has been tweaking and tinkering entertaining Millions from his workshop. Seemingly Located on a nice sized acreage, eager RC enthusiasts have watched this RC Wizzard (more…)