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Brand New RCSparks Clothing Designs! Men’s, Ladies & Kids!

All NEW Designs and Products are NOW AVAILABLE in the RCSparks Apparel Shop! After many months of requests.. We have been working with my friend Chad Murphy, president of the “LuckY U Dezine” company – to help get us the product YOU have been requesting! Larger Products including Hoodies, T-Shirts, and even MORE Ladies Gear! Want some RC Addict gear for your family?! Now you can outfit the whole crew! Check it .. and keep your eye on the store. New Designs are in the works!


WELCOME HOME JEM! WE MiSSED YOU!! It’s TiME to build this PiNK rig! Earlier this year, the RCSparks Studio was at and we picked up a Traxxas Slash 4×4 Ultimate Edition for JEM. We wanted to outfit it with a Proline Flo-Tek Ford F150 Raptor Body, a Sick set of Proline Racing Beadlock Wheels.. and Slingshot Tires!

What better way to spice it up for JEM then to add a PiNK body wrap from AMRRacingRC! IT LOOKS AWESOME!

RCSparks Team Member “Dribble” has a Video hit 100,000 Views! “How to mount Drift Tires”

Dale McAmmond aka: “Dribble” (a Super Moderator on the RCSparks Forums) has had his First Video reach 100,000 Views! Congrats! This video is about “How to Mount Drift Tires”. An Excellent topic. In fact, even we took a lesson from his “Do it Yourself” method! Folks that are starting out in RC Drifting coud use a peek at this video! If you like it, remember to subscribe to Dales channel!

TEDS GARAGE on CANADiAN RCTV Episode! Congrats Boys!

AMAZiNG! Congratulations to the TEDS Garage and Calgary Crawlers crew! A Canadian TV studio called XTen productions create and produce a show about the Radio Control Hobby. It is called “RCTV”. A Weekly show that travels the country in search of new and unusual “RC Hotspots”. Well wouldn’t you know it! Calgary Based “TEDS GARAGE”, was featured as one of these spots! The above clip is from the show and Features “Crawler TED” himself, Doug from PMHobbycraft and a few of the Members! Great job to all to all of the members of TEDS Garage! This clip is not one to be missed! There’s Teds Garage fans all over the WORRRRRRLD! SUPER COOL DUDES!

Project: “LARGE” / LOSi 5T (PT 4) Look inside a 5th Scale 26cc Gas Engine

This is the Fourth instalment of the RCSparks Studio Losi 5T Upgrade Video series of “Project: LARGE”. In this video we overview what has been done in the last week which includes the Control Arms, Suspension, Rim and Tire Selection as well as a some preventative maintenance. Then we carry on to Everett taking you look up close with the small powerplant, and Disassemble the 26cc stock engine that was overused in our videos. For all those who are uncertain about gasoline engines – and want to have a good look at what the components are.. then this video is for you! Enjoy :~)

“Kpop RC” shows us a VERY Cool “SCALE DRiFT PROJECT!”

WOW! I LOVE these kind of videos. “KpopRC” knocks it out of the park with a great demonstration of Video Editing Skills, Great Voice-over, Stellar Music, and Above all.. A GREAT RC BUILD ViDEO! Showcasing a 25 year old Vintage mechanical (non RC) car, kpop whips up a new RC Creation for you with another EPiC Rig RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES! This is Video 1 of this AWESOME SCALE DRiFT PROJECT! The RCSparks Studio approves! Thanks for sharing & Great Job!