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Holiday Wishes from the RCSparks Studio To YOU!

Hello Everyone! Well, we are entering into another Holiday time here at the RCSparks Studio. December 21st 2012 has come and gone.. and we are all enjoying another wonderful season of Friends, Family and RC ADDiCTS! Haha :~) Well.. in the spirit of the holidays, JEM and I took out “The Black Widow” into the cold winters landscape.. and LET ‘ER RiP! What better way to bring in the Christmas Season then with some Awesome Snow, a GREAT RC, and some Epic Music from my friends at Monstercat Media. Their christmas mix was an excellent match up for this film. My friends.. JEM and I, and the ENTiRE RCSparks Studio Team wish you all the Great Smiles, and Amazing times you can have over these next few days of fun. Enjoy the video.. and may Santa bring you ALL OF YOUR FAVOURiTE RC’s!! More information about this video on Youtube, in the video description box.

Project: OVERKiLL – Soldering 4 Tekin ROC 412 BL Motors & RS Pro’s

The NEW Team Tekin ROC 412 Brushless Rock Crawler and Trail Motors are finally here! I am excited to be able to update the PROJECT OVERKiLL with some exceptional looking Brushless POWER!

The website has TONS of Info on these Motors, heres a Link:

Here’s Some info from the Tekin Site!



THIS iS iNCREDiBLE. Simply put – a SHOW TRUCK.. WOW. I’m Glad I have 2 Bodies.. because the custom PENTA BODY straight from CHRiS DeGRAAF from Hemistorm Products is AMAZiNG!!! STUNNiNG is a Word that ALMOST conveys who nice this truck is, in Person.

Here is His Link:

Here is His Website:

A SPECIAL THANKS to my Buddy EVERETT for coming into the Studio again to put in a Long Filming Session! This Film was a Big one to Produce and really turned out to be a historical RC ADVENTURE. What a BEAUTY RIG!!


Krankillen KiLLS it with the FORD LOWRiDER Tamiya Highlift 4×4

RCSparks Forum Member “Krankillen” (Swedish for “Crane Dude”, Krankillen is a Crane Operator in Sweden!), shows off his ingenuity at building a unique and VERY FUN looking Tamiya Highlift 4×4. What a BEAUTY Ford on Hydraulics? Nooo.. In fact SERVO’s! SO SUPER Cool.. and Im impressed! This is simply a teaser video of whats to come.. But Wow, I have to say.. it’s great to see Radio Control ALL OVER THE WORLD!! Thank you Krankillen.. VERY AWESOME! Please SUBSCRiBE and Support the Radio Control Hobby WORLD WiDE!

RCSparks Forum Member “DamedCamera’s” UNiQUE RC “Thank You” Video

This video was produced by a fellow RC Enthusiast and film producer “DamedCamera” on Youtube. The Title of the video is “RC ATHLETES Say Thank You!!! 400 Subs!!!” and a THANK YOU Video is what it is! Low Quality, but HIGH in Comedy and A GREAT Representation of the RC Community! Great Job DamedCamera.. AWESOME! FRONT PAGE Material IMHO! You represent a Great way of having fun & friendship!

OVERKiLL OVERHAUL! RC4WD EVO Predator Tracks – Let the ReBuild Begin

WELCOME BACK to my friends, the DAVE’s! David Sr & David Junior (DJ) are avid RC ADVENTURE viewers..and AMAZiNG Builders! This Father and Son team are the PERFECT DUO to tackle a complete OVERKiLL OVERHAUL!

Project Overkill is a Custom Made Rig that I build for the RC Adventure Viewers to see. Over 25 Videos to build.. and over $2000.00 into the rig. Now its time to STEP IT UP A NOTCH!

In this video, I discuss the project I would like them to undertake for the RCSparks Studio. A Complete Re-Build of Project OVERKiLL. Time to Really AMP up this truck and make it all it can be! There is going to be a lot of AWESOME Surprises in this build.. the plan has been set in place! Arming the DAViD’S with my Spare Parts Drawer.. as well as MOST of the stuff needed to get this project underway. So awesome to have these guys on the RCSparks Mechanics Team!

Here’s DJ’s (Dave Jr’s) YOUTUBE CHANNEL: RCEngineer2012