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Cyanide-Tube & His amazing SMASH UP RC!

Once a year the Christchurch Radio Control Stockcar Club do a display at the Muscle Car Madness hot rod show. It is one of my (Cyanide) favourite race days. The racing is relaxed, no points, no silverware, just having a good time and sharing our great hobby with the folks who visit the hot rod show.

What our Great Hobby is ACTUALLY Like! UrbanRCLA Having Fun!

Our friends in Santa Monica Ca. USA – “UrbanRcLa“, Chad and Reed send us this video which reminds us of the first time we ever had to fix a hobby grade RC. Some of us really get wrapped up in the intricacies and details of our Vast Hobby – but Chad is definitely not one of those people (HAHA!). Reed puts Chad to the challenge.. as if Chad can’t fix the RC – then He Can’t have it! Hilarity ensues in this video which will bring back memories for many of you…


WHAT A FUN VEHiCLE! Even though it was SNOWY and COOOOOLD it was STiLL SO Much fun! I could use some different tires though.. haha!

Im running this truck completely stock, and with the included Radio/Receiver on a GENSAce 3S 5000mah Lipo – Brushless Power, and Water Resistant.

This car was about $400 and I got mine at PM Hobbycraft!

RCSparks Studio on Facebook.. ALMOST 10,000 Likes!

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 8.17.34 AM

RCSparks Studio on FACEBOOK! My friends, I get asked all the time if the RCSparks Studio is on FACEBOOK , and the answer is YES! Get exclusive content, and an “insider” look at how the studio operates! Also, get up to date information about upcoming films and projects. Follow along with one of your Favourite RC ADDiCTS & meet so many other. We look forward to seeing you there!

RCSparks Studio Website UPGRADE about to commence

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 9.57.30 AM

Comment: HERE -> RCSparks Studio Website Upgrade

My Friends, It’s upgrade time yet again at RCSparks. This should be the Last server upgrade for a few years.


1) How many Upgrades does 1 Forum / Website need?

2) Why Do we have to keep hearing about updates?

3) Will this mean.. “Downtime” of RCSparks?


The RCSparks Studio & 70 Million Views on Youtube – Visit the Studio!

Welcome my fellow RC ADDiCTS! January 2013 and the RCSparks Studio is already hard at work planning for the upcoming season of Radio Controlled Fun! I can’t believe we are now starting YEAR 5 of RC ADVENTURES! 70,000,000 views at the time of this filming and 90,000 Subscribers! I cant believe the incredible growth we have seen in the last 365 Days. 2012 was another fantastic awareness session for our great hobby. The expansive nature of the Radio Control hobby brings for folks from All Around the World to get together.. meet and have fun. I can’t believe how fortunate I am to be apart of the RC Culture and the Youtube community! You guys have really changed my Life forever.. and I hope you will continue RC ADVENTURES for years to come!