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Snow & MUD?! Only an iNViTATiON to a TRUE RC ADDiCT!

For the well prepared Radio Control Hobbyist – Slush, Snow and Mud are ALL the MORE Reason to get off the couch.. and to head outside with your favorite rig – OR RiGS – under your arm! I am always prepared for a really good sloppy day. Why? Because EVERYONE LOVES to Splash around in the SLOP! For times like this I will grab.. 2, 3 or 4 RC’s and Head outside to get down and dirty with the cameras… Haha! Yeah, I know. Everything is filthy at the end of the video, and my friends.. its true. Lots of work to clean.. BUT OH SO Worth the FUN. Enjoy the video my friends!

1000 SUBSCRiBERS for RC Film Producer “Ferndogg310” ? Mayyyybe!

Jose, AKA: “Ferndogg310” from YouTube is KiLLiNG it these days in his Amazing Trail run RC hobby videos. With incredible Music Mix choices .. and some stunning videography, his creative ability to transport viewers to “a whole new world” is simply stunning. A Dark, Dirty, Grinding beat is always present when you click on the Ferndogg310 Channel. (more…)

VRCP- Trail Crazy

A fun Sunday morning @ Edegem. The freezing cold, friends and broken parts, all were there. Enjoy watching!! Thumbs up are much appreciated!

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A Bi-Product of the RCSparks Studio Film Budget, Great Partners, and some highly skilled RC Mechanical Masters. This project was a Re-build of of my Original PROJECT: OVERKiLL truck. The premise is basically the same, but AMPED up beyond all imagination. This project is not for sale, nor can you buy this in stores! A 1 of a Kind, and a masterpiece in the making. There are thousands of Hours into this project as a whole. The project Cost has YET to be determined but getting towards $6000 is a good guess. We will do the math a little later on. A special thank you goes to my team David JR (Master builder), David Senior (Project lead), and Grandpa Marvin (Master Crafter), for dedicating 3 months of time and efforts to this History Making Project. There has never been another Machine like this.. and everything is a prototype. We all know this is an ongoing project, and that the Mega Machine will never be truly completed. There is just too much potential. We will continue to play and have fun, creating exciting things for the world to be in awe of.


Hemistorm shows you HOW to put a Design on LEXAN!

From Chris De Graaf: “A quick update on the progress on my FG Sportsline Audi A4 DTM body. While waiting for the liquid mask to dry and my paint to come in, I start putting on the design. This particular design is inspired on an actual livery, and I adapt it to ensure it blends in with the lines of my car.

The Audi A4 DTM body is a 2006 version, I adapted it to look like the facelifted 2009 version by making a few very simple adjustments in the lines. The main differences are the head- and taillights, and the grille area, which are easy to alter slightly to get that up-to-date look, that will fit the livery slightly better.


RC CWR – Custom 6X6 Losi Trekker Rally Truck and Friends!

Fellow RC ADDiCT and Youtuber, Chris Rappel shares his AWESOME Truck with us at the RCSparks Studio! Here are a few of his words!

Chris Rappel: “2 Losi trail trekkers 1 with three axles and a Losi short course truck 1/24. The trialer is lifted for more clearance and suspension. The running part of this video had to be shot quickly. We were out there for 1 hour and you can see how dark it was getting by the end. Not even 30 minutes after we stop shooting the video, there was a complete white out that came over Calgary. Snow snow snow. Lots of fun, LOL. The truck cab is a 1/25 scale kenworth tractor (amt K-123 cabover) and the back topper is custom made out of 1/8 plexi glass. Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching.
We also took the Losi trail trekker quad out with us for a test run with it’s new wheely bar. It can wheely all the way down the side walk, lots of fun. We should have a video up of that soon as well.”