RAiN of TRiUMPH, ART of the SLOW CRAWL / Awarded By the Viewers!

You know, Im always trying to promote “Looking outside the Proverbial Box”.Discover new ways of Promoting your hobby through Film.. This is JUST the beginning of what we can do. Lol… I know, I know. Its a Toy. But to some folks it represents Freedom, Creativity, Family time, Good times with friend.. and a way to Escape the “everyday”. A VERY PROUD Moment for me.. and an award for my Studio. Working with a Song from artist Tim McMorris called “Translation”, I was able to craft “The essence of Slow Crawling”…

His music is certainly inspiring for me to use in my short videos, as well as allow me to better craft a good environment – for a neato truck!

Many of the RC Videographers know how difficult it is to reach 301 views in less than 30 Minutes.. let alone.. to get more then 302 “LiKE Clicks” on Youtube.. without a Dislike click. Many Times overlooked, and I know this may sound frivolous.. but after 4 Years of producing films.. this is the FIRST TIME the djmedic2008 channel is Honoured with this status.. AWESOME GUYS… Thanks So Much to the Viewers.. and of course to Up and coming Music Man, Tim McMorris.

These numbers means that there are a LOT of happy Hobbyests out there!!

5 STARS!!!