ALTERED BEAST 4X4 Custom RC Monster Truck – Update & Overview

With the first Running video completed, it’s time to take a look at my “Altered Beast” Truck. This truck has quite a history with the RCSparks Studio and has entertained Millions of people. The Beast has had many Looks, Many Bodies, Many Upgrades and has appeared in many memorable RC ADVENTURES such as the “Axle Twisters TTC 2010”.

In this video I cover a few of the bodies that has ridden on this Axial SCX10 Honcho Setup. Though my truck originally started as an Axial SCX10 – it is far from that model now. We have done many upgrades over the years – and dare I say.. not anything is original anymore. Everything has been replaced.. Simply from use, Breaking, Upgrading, parts wearing out, and more.. everything has changed many times.

Here is a Link to the running video – featured in this video:

I hope this overview gives some New RC Hobbyists, and the senior RC Hobbyists some great ideas for “thinking outside of the box”. There is always a new way to have fun in our hobby – and dare I say it – all you have to do is discover it!