Baby Maurice, delivered Safe & Sound! OUR BEST BUiLD YET!

My first Son, Maurice Aaron David Bidochka (Baby Mac), was named after his Great Grandpa, Grandpa, and his Daddy, ME! He was delivered on October 26th, 2013. He was 6 Pounds 14oz, and was born a healthy, Baby Boy! In this video He is now 1 Month old! He weighs almost 9 Pounds and is a bundle of joy!

He came Ready To Run, you just need to fuel him, and ensure he stays clean and well maintained!

It certainly has been a big change for JEM (my wife), and I.. as we pave a new pathway in our Family! First there was 2, now there are 3 of us! We are certainly proud parents, and man… DiD I CRY MY EYES out when he was born.. it was AWESOME!

He is our best build yet!

A special thank you to Brian, and Dany Dan for sending in the great gifts! THANK YOU