The BiG DiRTY 2014 – Large Scale RC Truck, Racing Event

WELCOME to the THE BiG DiRTY 2014! This is a 3 day event, that is sure to quench your insatiable need for Power and Speed! This is the first of several videos that will showcase 1/5th scale size Gas Powered Radio Control Trucks doing what they do best… RACE & BASH! There will be a mix of 2WD and 4WD vehicles that are all customized to each drivers design.

Each competitor has been selected by the RCSparks Studio for their great RC building abilities, driving skill and all-out Good Nature towards promoting an amazing hobby. Each one of these guys are willing to “give it all” to ensure you have an exciting video series to entertain and inspire you. We know you are going to be awestruck by the beauty and sheer power of these micro-trucks. Don’t let the “size” of these rigs fool you. Travelling at speeds of up to 50mph, and weighing up to 40lbs, these trucks are brutes! Ever try to drive your vehicle on the street, while you are standing in a building? Same idea..

We had so many amazing people show up, including the RCSparks Secret Mechanic team! With help of 5 camera operators – we captured some GREAT RC footage!

If your looking for fast paced action, gas powered mayhem and a good community you would want to be a part of .. then you are in the right series of film!

Some 2WD GAS POWERED BAJA ACTiON will Start us off Right…

Part 3 – (Large Scale) 1/5th scale Losi 4×4 trucks do battle in a Video Mash-up of 4 Heats that were raced. PROJECT LARGE 2.0 has its first taste of a real race! I took the best footage from all 4 races (each race was 10 minutes each), and condensed it to 18 Minutes. A special thank you to my fellow camera operators who helped make this film possible!

Dang! The Kraken lost a wheel!

*note to self.. buy torque wrench..


THiS iS iT! The A-Main for the Losi 5T 4×4 Trucks is ready for your viewing pleasures and Hobby Excitement! The BiG DiRTY 2014 was a complete success, and though the wind was blowing, and the air has a feeling like winter – we let the heat from these engines, and speed from those tires keep us energized for this final epic battle!

Are you ready to see it? We think you are ENJOY!