Calgary Blackfoot RC Race / Scale 4×4 Tracks & SO MUCH MORE!

Community Life 101 – “every person puts in as much or more then they take out”. What a great example of a community spirit coming together at the Blackfoot RC Park today! So many people, working their tails off to get Calgary positioned to be one of the most versatile and fun RC tracks in Canada. I went out today and was really happy to be in the sun, moving rocks with the guys, and shaping some of the courses. Just knowing that there will be SO MANY people there this season, made me smile, and the efforts of all of the volunteers are just SO appreciated. The Radio Control hobby is surging with power throughout the world, and the opportunity to get out with friends to create something that fuels peoples imaginations, creativity and drive to have fun – is just a privilege. Here is the address in case you are in the Calgary area.. : Address: 6 Highfield Circle SE, Calgary, AB T2G 5N5