RCSparks Chronicles

Hand Selected Posts and Videos that were featured on the RCSparks Studio FRONT page at one time! These posts are ones that have been featured at the RCSparks Studio Website

Jem unboxes her Traxxas Summit 4×4, Electric Radio Control Truck!

It’s about darn time we got JEM a new Truck! She has been working so hard as a new Mom, she deserves something special! Well, PM Hobbycraft and I figured that an All Terrain type of vehicle was just what she needed. Something she can use to Jump, Crawl and go Swimming with!! HAHA :~) These trucks really are a great value for what you get, and ranks among my top picks for the “ultimate” Radio Control truck choice.

For all those folks who would love to see Baby Mac, he is at the End of the video for a quick cameo!

Enjoy my friends.. and fellow RC Addicts!

Where I get my RC’s: http://www.PMHobbycraft.ca

RC ADVENTURES – Traxxas Spartan – 6S Lipo Speed Runs – Radio Control Boat

I pulled out my 8400mah 3s GensAce Lipo batteries and slapped them into my Traxxas Spartan, AFTER I adjusted my bottom blades. WOW. This boat RiPS! 6S ALL THE WAY BABY! This boat is mostly stock except for the aluminum upgrades I installed to help control it better. Am I ever glad I tried 4s first.. because this was a squirrly boat to learn! BUT SO MUCH FUNNNN! None of this footage has been sped up, or slowed down .. all real time!

RC ADVENTURES – Knight Hauler, 1/14th Scale RC Tractor Truck

It was time to take out the Tamiya Knight Hauler hooked up to a Triple Axle Trailer and Bulldozer. The Dozer doesn’t work yet, but I am in the middle of a restoration. It weighs a Ton! But.. its a great prop for this film. The Knight Hauler is a beautiful rig top to bottom.. and with all the custom accessories.. it’s a welcome edition to the RCSparks Trucking company.

Tamiya Blackfoot


Cutting Edge Hobbies Car Show 2014 & Sin City Showdown 3- Ferndogg310

From Ferdogg310 on YOUTUBE!

RC ADVENTURES – MUDDiNG with 4×4 Wheel Loader (Sloppy & Chained)

his wheel loader is an original “Graupner” #523. It is hydraulic powered (pump is powered by electric battery) and was built in the year 2000. The cab has been replaced with a brooder clone. The chains & bucket that are outfitted on this loader are from http://www.Tobias-Braeker.de. The bucket is Model “M” heavy duty rock bucket. I am also using the Breaker-Lock to fix the bucker to my loader. Though my loader is very old.. it has a LOT of pep to it still.. and with some well delivered driving. .this loader can really pull itself around. Hard to believe its running on a 3500mah Nimh battery!