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Hand Selected Posts and Videos that were featured on the RCSparks Studio FRONT page at one time! These posts are ones that have been featured at the RCSparks Studio Website

A Vote for HEMiSTORM RC !

Hemistorm RC

OK My friends – its TiME! My very good friend Chris De Graaf aka: “HEMiSTORMRC” is an exceptionally Talented Radio Control Hobby Enthusiast – that has a cutting edge RC YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/hemistormrc . His painting skills are bar none some of the most detailed in the world, and his building ideas, executions and delivery are nothing short of amazing.

Well, now he has been recognized in Norway and has an opportunity to win and award and be featured on Television! Only Norwegian channels will be considered. But! That doesn’t mean that EVERYONE can’t VOTE! In Fact, you CAN. If you Love RC as a LIfe-style, go and help our friend HEMiSTORMRC spread the word about what our Hobby, does for the World Community of RC ADDiCTS – and beyond! Vote for him under the Category “BEST LiFESTYLE CHANNEL”


Voting is open until January 19th – so GO DO iT NOW!

10×10 Project: OSHKOSH LVSR MKR18 Heavy Cargo Transport System

I have had a great BREAK THROUGH! It came to me while surfing the net researching military machines.. and I figured out how to do this. Everyone always asks me about the “Capo” 8×8 truck I built a few years back. I never used it very much – and in this video I explain why.

I also have 5 RC4WD Bully Ver 2 Comp MOA Rock Crawler Axles. I want to do an Overkill Overhaul.. but now I’ve decided to build an entirely New Rig. I have figured out a worth-while marriage for these two rigs by using the principles I learned from BOTH MACHiNES. It is time to build the ULTiMATE MiLITARY TRANSPORT MACHINE.

I can’t think of a better conversion for PROJECT OVERKiLL, then a “LVSR MKR18 HEAVY TRANSPORT VEHiCLE”! LVSR stands for “Logistics Vehicle System Replacement”.


Rock City Adventure Part 1 – by Chet Ophus

We made it back for another round. This time, we took along someone new to my videos, Joe. He brought along his Redcat RS10 and I had my Dodge SCX10 and Alex had his amazing Jeep SCX10. The three of us took on Rock City and explored sections of Rock City we hadn’t taken on before. This is Part 1 so make sure to watch for Part 2.

I also tried a new intro and outtro I put together so let me know what you guys think!

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Thanks for watching guys!

Trail Trucking – Forest Recovery, Knight Hauler with Ford AeroMax on Trailer

On a regular basis the RCSparks Trucking company needs to transport rigs that have been repaired or have mechanical issues in and out of the bush. We have found that these trucks are under immense stress when being used to haul heavy equipment. The only problem is, these backwoods trails are extremely difficult to maneuver – and if the driver is not experienced, he can easily end himself, and his truck/payload in BiG TROUBLE. These Semi Trucks are built for brute strength.. but can they traverse the crazy Canadian Outback? It’s up to you to discover!

Unboxing a Vaterra Ford Raptor Pre Runner 4WD Truck RTR w/ AVC Technology

Finally, I have an “AVC” or “Active Vehicle Control” RC vehicle here in the studio with me. I have been curious about this new technology. I find it intriguing that a truck will now actually “sense” its own stability. I am excited to put this to the test. BUT! First, I have to unbox it for all of the RC ADVENTURES viewers!


Rigid Industries Jeep JK – Axial SCX10 4×4 Radio Control Truck

This is a special addition to my collection of scale off road trucks. It is a rare find – 1 of 8 only made. It profiles one of my favourite 1:1 scale accessory companies – Rigid Industries. Rigid is the leading manufacturer of forward projecting and auxiliary LED lighting products in the world. I have a several Rigid leds on my full size, daily driver 1:1 truck (seen here: http://youtu.be/S2ddTbrJfGs). Every 4 wheeler should have some awesome lights.. even the RC ones!