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Hand Selected Posts and Videos that were featured on the RCSparks Studio FRONT page at one time! These posts are ones that have been featured at the RCSparks Studio Website


This is a 1/8th Scale Electric Monster 4X4 Truck – a SAVAGE FLUX ELECTRiC Conversion FROM the NiTRO SAVAGE. This beast is powered by the FLUX TORK System. A 2200kv Brushless Motor, and an Electronic Speed Control: HPI Flex Blur with reverse, programmable, integrated cooling fan and up to 6S LiPo battery handling capability. In this video the truck was running on 4s. This Truck was BUiLT TO BASH – and to take Punishment. NOTHiNG Was Broken during Filming. The Tires are Proline Racing Mashers on Beadlock rims. Custom Roll Bar and Chassis adjustments. Movable Drivers head is done with a Y harness off of the steering input.

Ain’t it a Beauty?!

YouTuber “LosiSuperTruck04” shares an UPDATE!

A Note from LosiSuperTruck04

“Finally, I show my Face in one of my videos! This may start something! And, I got try my out my new Title video.

Yes, I know it has been a while since I’ve a uploaded, but here’s a video that you can watch! lol. Just another update on the LST-e and more! The New Rc is coming, that means new a unboxing video! ”

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Scale Boats in The Night

From Youtuber “CatamanGMF” in Greece! We are very fortunate to have Cataman share these videos with us in the RC Community. It is a very rare treat to have an RC Boating Addict be such GREAT Videographer at the same time. Here is a quip from Cataman himself:

“The Greek Rc-Boating Community at 22 of June 2013 orginized the 1st Night Meeting at the pool of multiplace Aqua e Sole.Shot with Drift Cameras: Drift Full HD 1080 & Drift HD 720.

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SAVAGE FLUX HP – TCS 4WD BAJA 1/5 Conversion Kit – 1st Run, 4S Lipo Testing

1/8th Scale to 1/5 Scale! This is my First Run of this conversion kit. I’m easing my way into it – and am testing my TCS Converted Savage Flux HP. Nothing special – just me working my way into getting used to the rig.

Here is some info on the Savage Flux HP:


5th Scale BurnOut Time! FG Dragster Test Runs

Chris De Graaf from Hemistorm RC: “Finally, I’m taking my FG Dragster out for a testrun. The dragster is powered by a BZM 28.5 Torque Tuned engine which I dropped in a FG Sportsline 2WD. I’ve converted my Sportsline chassis to a 1970’s Dodge Challenger, with lots of custom parts. In the video series you will be able to follow this build from the very start, to the point where it will finally start burning some rubber!

The custom servo setup works great, the BZM has massive torque, and I love running this scaled down muscle car! A few alterations will be made in the future, such as a bit thicker diff oil, and perhaps a different clutch to make it engage a bit more aggressively. For a first run, I was more than satisfied and this ride is everything I hoped it to be.”

Kraken RC Class 1 TSK (True Scale Kit) for the Off Road HPI Baja 5B/SC/T

The Kraken RC Class 1 TSK Kit lets you transform your beloved HPI Baja 5b/T/SC vehicles to the scale look of the Iconic Class 1 buggy only revered at Tecate Score Baja 500 and 1000 races.  A project that spans over 18 months, is a result of a “closed door” collaborative effort between Kraken RC engineers and legendary Japanese custom Baja Roll Cage designer, Akihiro Shiomura, AKA “2Strokers.  The final design of the Class 1 TSK Kit not only brings you a spectacular Class 1 Roll Cage, but also a robust 3 piece modular design with heavy duty 2.5mm nylon panels. Though the design has seen radical transformation, make no mistake that the Class 1 TSK Kit still bears the DNA of “2Strokers” design.  Made out of Hi-Impact polymer developed by Dupont USA, the Roll Cage gives you added protection to your Baja and it’s components. Unlimited customization can be achieved with the included 2.5 mm heavy duty nylon panels using RIT Dyes and Automotive paint.  Join the Class 1 revolution today!