RCSparks Chronicles

Hand Selected Posts and Videos that were featured on the RCSparks Studio FRONT page at one time! These posts are ones that have been featured at the RCSparks Studio Website

Cutting Edge Hobbies Car Show 2014 & Sin City Showdown 3- Ferndogg310

From Ferdogg310 on YOUTUBE!

RC ADVENTURES – MUDDiNG with 4×4 Wheel Loader (Sloppy & Chained)

his wheel loader is an original “Graupner” #523. It is hydraulic powered (pump is powered by electric battery) and was built in the year 2000. The cab has been replaced with a brooder clone. The chains & bucket that are outfitted on this loader are from http://www.Tobias-Braeker.de. The bucket is Model “M” heavy duty rock bucket. I am also using the Breaker-Lock to fix the bucker to my loader. Though my loader is very old.. it has a LOT of pep to it still.. and with some well delivered driving. .this loader can really pull itself around. Hard to believe its running on a 3500mah Nimh battery!


RC ADVENTURES – TOP GEAR MUD BoGGiNG – Toyota Hilux – RC4WD Trail Finder 2

HiGH Definition is the ONLY WAY you should watch this film. What’s better than an RC Truck in THiCK, SLOPPY MUD? This is a replica of the popular TOP GEAR UK EPiC SHOW that featured “To KiLL A TOYOTA HiLUX”. This is the Radio Control version 🙂 . The original kit was a “RC4WD Trail Finder 2 4×4 Mojave Body” – I just modified it. For those who are interested in this kit – just search “Buy RC4WD TF2 on Google” – you will find some where to get it! But – I have modified mine to look as “beat up” as it is! Want to know how I did it? No worries – I got you covered –

Search YouTube for “RC Adventures Trail Finder 2” – If you search that on YouTube – you will find a whole bunch of videos showing how I created this truck.

The wheels on the truck are also from RC4WD. The are “2.2” Sized” and are called Mud Slingers.

The Rims are Aluminum

I am running a SAVOX Waterproof Servo – ( I really like the torque and speed of them)

The ESC is a Tekin FXR ( I waterproofed it with “Plasti Dip”)

Motor is electric & also from Tekin. It is a 35t Brushed Hand Wound. (Extra Torque)

All Paint was done by me – Tutorials are available on my channel

“How to paint an RC”

I hope you enjoyed this video… It was a pleasure to make for you!

RC ADVENTURES – Lifted Ford F-350 4×4 Truck on Micro Offroad Course

Well – I’m getting my little guy used to seeing RC’s in motion! My Son is 6 months old.. his name is Mac 🙂 The truck I am running is a Micro Trail Trekker from Losi (4×4 Truck) – all stock, except for the lifted body. The outdoor trail course I have been building with my RC Construction equipment and can be viewed in previous videos of mine!

I hope you enjoy this film.. it was fun to make!


Click Here To Subscribe! ► http://bit.ly/JOovvU – Another awesome job by my friend at PiTDAWG Hydro – in making me a pretty cool Grave Robber Body! I removed the Hood scoop as I didn’t want it to get damaged during filming – (Monster Trucks are always going to Flip.. no matter what!) Powering this truck is a 20,000 mah 4S Lipo! Actually 2 10,000 mah 2S lipo hooked together.. but all the same!

Body Dipped by http://www.pitdawghydro.com/

This is my CEN GST-E Monster truck.. and I love the 4×4 action of it! (more…)

RC ADVENTURES – Mini Excavator Logging with Forks

A light storm rolled in while re-scaping my work yard. The winter has been long, and its time to move some of these logs around. Everything is covered in water, and I must say its a challenge to keep everything on the forks.
No worries, this mini excavator is awesome for construction work. I am glad my guys already already have our Forklift Certificates!

This hydraulic excavator is simply wonderful – I am having a great time logging in the yard, getting everything tidied up. I am almost ready to put on my Tobias Braeker Heavy Duty Rock Bucket (Model M) – thats in coming episodes.

I hope you enjoyed watching my YouTube video today! It’s a pleasure entertaining all the RC ADDiCTS of the world!

Enjoy :~)