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Hand Selected Posts and Videos that were featured on the RCSparks Studio FRONT page at one time! These posts are ones that have been featured at the RCSparks Studio Website

Axle Twisters RC Group – T.T.C 2009

Quoting WikiPedia – “Tough Truck competitions can be dated back to the first 4×4 clubs.[when?] Friends and other club members would navigate across obstacles courses built to test the vehicle and the drivers capabilities, thus proving who has the “toughest” truck. During 1988 and 1989, these events became extremely popular, and with that, 1990 saw the first designated Tough Truck events.”

Well now the hobby of RC and scale truck building has been taken to the next level. In celebration of the 1:1 Scale Competitions.. 1/10 th Scale RC Competitions were inevitable!

I am very fortunate to have run into such a great group called “The Axle Twisters RC Club” in Lethbridge Alberta. In 2009, They held western Canada’s first ever RC Tough Truck Competition. The Axle Twisters hosted the event, and invited Scale builders to make their own versions of TTC trucks. People built their rigs for months.. travelled 100’s of kilometers.. and in the late summer month of August 2009 – they tested their mite, rigs and skill against brutal courses, blazing Sun, and some of the most well built rigs Western Canada had to offer. For more information about the rules and regulations of this now extremely popular RC Sport.. please visit www.CrawlCanada.com. Check out the Club section for the Axle Twisters.. and tell them RCSparks sent ya. They are a great group of enthusiasts.


PART 1 – The Rubicon



Lmao.. shortest Blog entry for me yet.. but still a great video for those interested in a good EDF jet. Meant for more of an intermediate pilot, I had one of my friends fly this for me during the demo video… We concluded that this Jet needed a 4s Lipo battery upgrade.. but over all.. it was a fun little Jet to get started with. I am happy to say (coincidentally), that the distributors are now offering the 4S option when the bird is purchased.. Cool!

This is my first build video for “NitroPlanes”, and I chose to build their new flagship EDF Jet, the Concept X. This model is an RTF version. This video is not a “step-by-step” DIY, instead a Tips, Tricks, and a general overview.

Enjoy my fellow pilots!

BUILD / Overview


Project Drift: TAMIYA TT01R Archive

For this posting / build series -.. I really want to take a moment and talk about my limited amount of knowledge in this area.. and it is truly a shame. Drifting is unlike any other type of car racing that I have seen.. truly a lot of skill has to be learned – and respected. If driven by the right people, being practicing and gifted with the talent of control – this RC spart of growing like wild fire. Truly an amazing this to watch, experience and master.

For this particular build.. I had no experience at all in putting together a drift car… but found out its fun, a challenge and a consistently changing type of RC Kit. To dial these little machines in is NO EASY task! Totally awesome.. and I suggest that you give it a try, if the urge strikes.

So.. Here is how I attacked my TT01 Kit.. and made it into my Drift / Touring Kit of the season. Lot’s of fun! ( And for the record.. Im a terrible drifter.. Lol)



XTM SUPER CRAWLER – 2009 Build Archive

Another Build Video series arises out of the 2009 RC Season. This time the project was a XTM SUPER CRAWLER. With the collaborative sponsorship of EastridgeHobbies.ca and Team Airtronics, Medic Media Productions has created another RC ADVENTURE series catering to the SUPER CRAWLER enthusiast!

With the RC builder in mind, this “How-to” build video series is much more technical than past projects, and focuses on the build aspect of an “EP” class crawler – ARTR kit. Filmed as one production, this series has been cut from a complete DVD into 5 sections to be posted online at Youtube.com.

A special thanks to all involved in the development of this project, as we present for your viewing pleasure….


Enjoy ~



AXiAL SCX10 Honcho Build Series

Hello my RC friends!

Here we go, in celebration of the one year anniversary of the Tamiya Tundra 4X4 High Lift build, RCSPARKS and Eastridge Hobbies is pleased to present another fun build video series. This build series will take a detailed look at the Axial SCX10 Honcho (1/10th Scale) 4X4 Trail Truck. It’s going to be season is going to be full of fun RC ADVENTURES! More videos and pictures to come as the truck is assembled.