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Hand Selected Posts and Videos that were featured on the RCSparks Studio FRONT page at one time! These posts are ones that have been featured at the RCSparks Studio Website

Losi DBXL 4×4 Buggy – Unboxing (Gas Powered, 1/5th Scale Desert Buggy XL)

OHHHHHHHH BABY!! We Got What YOU NEED! Let’s Get Up close and personal with the LOSI DBXL!

1080p HD for Maximum Awesome! The RCSparks Studio Welcomes EVERETT Back into the Spotlight as we both unbox this new 1/5th Scale Monster Machine!! GAS POWERED and Looking MEAN, the Losi DBXL is nothing short of amazing to look at. I can see why this platform all on its own, as its sleek design and smaller Buggy Style chassis, at first glance – looks well built! The Gas Powered engine is a 23cc starter engine (good start for the money).. but everything about this rig is certainly unique!



I wanted to do something Special for you all! An Unboxing and Running Video ALL iN ONE!

This is the CEN Racing GST-E 1/8 Scale Brushless 4WD Monster Truck, with an included 2.4GHz Radio System and 2200kV 4-Pole Brushless Motor. The GST-E is the largest, and most powerful 1/8 scale brushless monster truck in the market!

The GST-E features three fully sealed differentials that can be filled with silicone oil (grease included out of factory) to tune the handling of the truck. The chassis design is perfectly balanced giving the truck superior handling regardless of the surface. An active center differential is included in the GST-E for better durability and on-track performance while a optional differential lock is available separately.


Learning to RC Drift – Part 14

The underground Prodigy D RC Drift Club hit up the South Pointe Scion for a Private / Practice drifting session while the Dealership is CLOSED! The RCSparks Studio arrived on scene to capture some awesome action, and some amazing cars. This series just gets better and better! Some of your favourite RC ADDiCTS are in this video.. and a SH!T-ton of Epic Drifts!

Hemistorm RC: STYRENE BASICS: RC4WD “Kahn” Defender D90 Custom Build

From Chris De Graaf (Hemistorm RC): “I’ve started something new to me: styrene building! Using styrene sheets rods, pipes and scraps I’m creating my own ultimate version of the Land Rover Defender, the Kahn designed beefed up version of the original. Larger fenders, a bulkier hood, and tons of custom touches will be scaled down to try making my model look like the 4×4 beast that the Kahn is. In this episode I show you my start, and I hope to take away any insecurity that people might feel when trying new aspects of the hobby. There is a ton of stuff to learn in RC, and styrene building is a nice new element for me to enjoy the hobby even more than I already am.

A few months ago, I did my first attempt at painting up a hard body RC, with the Toyota HiLux body that came with my RC4WD TrailFinder II. It was a nice way for me to experiment with painting such a shell, but I didn’t quite feel like I used the shell to its full potential. After reading up on several forums about true scaling, I have developed an interest for styrene building. Some members on these forums use styrene to build their bodies from scratch! I’m not going to start out too ambitious, but I do feel that with the Land Rover Defender D90 body, I have a great base to make my own alterations, using styrene and filler to get the shell looking the way I want before paint.”

Ferngesteuert Gigantic A-380 Singapore Airlines Schlemmer Michael Hausen am Albis 2013

Airbus A380-800 Singapore Airlines Modellmassstab 1:15
Länge : 4.80 Meter
Spannweite : 5.30 Meter
Startgewicht: 70,8KG
Tankinhalt : 10 Liter
Verbrauch : 1,2 Liter pro Minute 🙂
Antrieb : 4x JETCAT P 120 Je 12kp Standschub

Von der RC Front Schweiz, euer RCHeliJet Danke MG Affoltern a.A

more on: http://www.rchelijet.ch

YouTuber “111Polarbear” – How my tamiya tanker trailer works!

Wow! My buddy Tim has been in to Semi Trucks and Awesome Scale RC long enough to knock this video out of the PARK! Ever viewed a working RC Tanker Truck?!

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