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Hand Selected Posts and Videos that were featured on the RCSparks Studio FRONT page at one time! These posts are ones that have been featured at the RCSparks Studio Website

ULTIMATE VW Baja Bug – Restoring a Classic 5th Scale

A note from Chris at “Hemistorm RC” – “In the last episode I’ve showed off my HPI Baja and gave some info on the upgrades I run. Today I’m trying out a few new things: the Kraken Class 1 cage is not supposed to fit with the Pro-Line Baja Bug body, and I want to know if I can make it fit. The Pro-Line Beetle body I have has seen some better days. There’s a crack going on in the rear section, where that boxer engine is molded in. I never really liked that part, so that is going to get hacked off first. There’s also a lot of scuff marks and scratches on the body, and apart from restoring the shell to it’s original shine, I’m also going to touch up the paint and add more detail to it.


Scale Trucking & Construction Scene (Excavator, Dump Truck, Ford AeroMax Semi)

I was all on my own today, but that doesn’t stop RCSparks Trucking from getting the Job Done! My Ford AeroMax is running in top shape, the Low Gear is perfect for my Tekin Roc412 Brushless motor and 3S GensAce Lipo battery. Being a 8400mah Lipo, the added weight is a Bonus! I am pulling a 46 Pound RC Excavator as a load today. It is fully hydraulic and also runs on a GensAce 3S 8400mah Lipo Battery. Long run time on those, about a solid 1 hour of digging or pulling. The trailer itself is made of SUPER Light Aluminium, and the triple Axle setup can definitely hold excavator with ease.

Haha, Yes, for those folks wondering – I was filming & driving all three trucks at the same time.. :~) Now THAT is RC’ing!

People often ask me how much a setup like this one costs – and my reply is rather business oriented. “As much as any Miniature Trucking Company would cost!” Its only a fraction compared to the Full scale stuff!


GTA V RC CAR – Grand Theft Auto 5 Custom Paint

Inspired by Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) I’m painting up a new Proline Flo Tek body for my HPI Blitz. These shells can be used on almost any type of 10th scale short course truck, and have a couple of pretty cool aerodynamic features. I try to show you how simple materials and design choices can enable you to easily create a custom look that will stand out on the track.

I love the gameplay of this latest version, Los Santos looks fantastic and after I finished story mode, I’m now very eager to give the online multiplayer feature a try. San Andreas will have another citizen this winter!

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TRAiLER for the RC Excavator

Loading & Unloading – pretty simple. This trailer is to haul my RC Excavator behind a Ford AeroMax Semi Truck that I have built at the RCSparks Studio. Before I unveil it – I wanted to get out my Trailer and Film my First Attempt to Load this 46 Pound Beast On to the Trailer! And Heck – why not take it off a creative way? RC is for imagination..and thats what I enjoy the most! I bought this trailer on ebay for about 700USD.

First Greek 6x6x6 Truck from RC4WD

My friend Apostolos Katsaros is the owner of the 1st Greek 6×6 RC Truck by RC4WD.
This is the 2nd video from the first run on the trails.

The Truck has a front cabin from Bruder and the flatbed and front and rear bumber is custom made by Apostolos.

I hope you like this video.

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4WheelRCUK’s AMAZiNGLY Creative Axial SCX10 Build

SO NEAT! There are many many unboxing videos on the internet – and I must say I was ready to see an “ordinary” style of unboxing. I never saw this coming.. Super Cool idea.. really awesome to see folks and hobbyists be So creative in film and with their RC’s And guess what? There are MORE videos to this series.. Check it out below!