RCSparks Chronicles

Hand Selected Posts and Videos that were featured on the RCSparks Studio FRONT page at one time! These posts are ones that have been featured at the RCSparks Studio Website

RC ADVENTURES – DAM Practice with my Excavator – Random Creek Scene

I just wanted to play in the creek with my excavator. it was a beautiful day! nothing like trying to build your very first DAM..

VRCP- Tamiya Wild Willy’s and a DJI phantom

…Found a nice old lane.. took out our wild Willy’s and a couple of camera’s.. not much usable footage, but sometimes you gotta work with what you have… enjoy watching. Likes, shares and comments are much appreciated..thank you.

HemiStorm on Tour – Episode Eight: Hillslide Battle

A pebble beach, Lake Garda, Italy. A loose surface, which combined with a sloped bank makes a challenging climb for my Axial SCX10. Trying to reunite the SCX10 with the Exo Terra, which is waiting up on the bank. Tumbling, hopping, crushing rocks to get to the summit!

HemiStorm on Tour 2013 will take you through 9 countries, covering over 8000 kilometers (5000+ miles) in 15 days. I will try to show you some of the most cool sites in Europe, as we travel from Norway all the way to Saint-Tropez and back up again. There will be some crawling action, some large scaling and some 10th scale shortcourse action.

Please subscribe or check the playlist to see the full trip!

Modellkran1 on YouTube continues to Thrill viewers Worldwide!

My friend Rene continues to showcase amazing build skills and real life scenario (Fire and Rescue) with great skill and precision! For some amazing Construction and Fire /Rescue trucks – be sure to SUBSCRiBE to him!

CAPO CD15821 8×8 All METAL Extreme Off Road Military Truck – UNBOXiNG

My friends I have the Honour of announcing that in 2013, the world’s first mass-produced full scale 1/10, ALL METAL 8×8 Military off-road truck the “CD15821”, in Capo China was born. The cost of this vehicle is approximately $2500.00, depending on conversion rates. This is a limited edition truck and is NOT MASS PRODUCED. There are only 100 of them. I am fortunate to have the very first one – so now there are only 99. I do not work for Capo, nor do I represent their Brand. Rather they contacted me, and informed me that they are long time fans of RC ADVENTURES, and wanted to see their truck on the show. I am the Lucky one who gets to show it off. Yes, it certainly looks like a TATRA 8×8 – but for licensing reasons, they could not call it a Tatra. So, after 9 Months of gruelling Design work and Engineering – these guys came out with something TOTALLY UNiQUE in the Radio Control Hobby world!! The CD15821 is UNLEASHED! This is a KiT, and does NOT COME with Electronics. You will need to supply the ESC, Motor, Receiver and Servo(s). (ALL iNFORMATiON Provided from the http://www.RC-CAPO.com Website!)


RC ADVENTURES – GI JOE learns to operate my RC Excavator

Blah.. I’m having a SiCK Day at home.. and don’t want to venture far from my house – but I haven’t been doing any RC – and it’s driving me CRAZY! So – out to the Dig pit in my back yard – to enjoy some sun, and low impact RC activity. This is my 5th time using the Excavator and I’m starting to get the hang of it. Filming these rigs is just too much fun – and I fear the viewers of RC ADVENTURES will be seeing a lot more of these two vehicles.. Haha :~) Yes, I operated them both in this video – and filmed as well.