RCSparks Chronicles

Hand Selected Posts and Videos that were featured on the RCSparks Studio FRONT page at one time! These posts are ones that have been featured at the RCSparks Studio Website


LET’S GET OUR RACE FACE ON! “Dirty in the Bone” is a private event that happens in Alberta, every year. This year I was invited to film some of the action for the viewers of RC ADVENTURES! Well – in this video.. the HPI BAJA 5T’s (2WD) and ready to go! Let’s line them up and get these things RiPPiN” around! What a great opportunity for the RCSparks Studio to showcase a wonderful event and some MONSTER Machines of the Radio Control Hobby. These 2WD Trucks are OVERPOWERED for Maximum Torque and Acceleration! Most of these vehicles weigh over 20 Pounds.. and travel up to speeds of 60+ MPH ! I am always amazed at how well these drivers pilot such LARGE Trucks on a course that is half a city block long.. HAH!

THE JUDGE – Competition RC Weight Pulling Sled – Amazing 15 Year old Builder

Built for MULTiPLE RC’s 1/8th Scale, 1/10th Scale, & 1/5th Scale .It is Finally here! David Jr and I have been planning this rig for about 3 months – and WOW, did this ever work out AWESOME! Thank you David! The JUDGE has been built for the RC ADVENTURE viewers to enjoy some TRUE sled pulling action!

We have been discussing getting a proper Pulling sled since the original TTC’s back in 2009 – well – now we have one! Built to take up to 70 Pounds, David Jr Masterminded the design and build.. I financed the beauty. I really must say that this young man keeps proving himself as an aspiring fabricator with each project I task him with, My expectations are always shattered with simply EPiC work from a 15 year old! AMAZiNG, I am honoured & Proud.

David Jr’s Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/rcengineer2012

UrbanRCLa Baja 5Bss First Run and Bashing!

Reed finally runs his Baja 5bSS! Nitro Cris helps him get it running and Holy Crap they are fun. We go through the setup process and learn more about how to break it in. We also take a look at the progress of Chris’ Baja with the Kraken Body!

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Excavator Rescues Tipped Dump Truck

This type of driver error could get someone killed! Learn how to drive buddy! A little drama in my RC World today.. I learned that a Heavy Mud Load can cause you to tip on the slightest incline! Haha! What a lot of fun.. great videography, and a beautiful day go hand in hand. I wish my batteries in the excavator were at Full Charge – they must have been down in volts, it moved a little slowly – BUT, this Alberta Clay-Mud is SUPER heavy and sticky. The tracks and wheels of the excavator / Dump truck were packed full. It took me hours to clean them!

OK – I know lots of folks ask me questions about these rigs – and where I get them – so please see the info below for all of your questions Answers! For now, I have to get outside for more diggin’!

Heads UP: Decals seen in video are NOT iNCLUDED with the RC’s.. they are mine..

From the RC4WD Website: http://http://store.rc4wd.com/

Basic Scale 4×4 Truck Off-Road Training – RC4WD Gelände II Defender D90 Rover

In this film, I wanted to base the plot around the Camel Trophy Land Rover Tips and Tricks video – AS WELL, as give my fellow Scale 4×4 Trail Truckers a “How To” video for beginners. It’s all meant in Comedy, Humour, and to simply have fun with a great Truck! I am totally impressed by its capabilities – and now fully understand the difference between a “Trail Truck”, and a “Scale Trail Truck”!


Learning how to Detail Paint an RC Hard Shell – RC4WD Gelände II 4×4 Truck Kit

In this video I learn how to do some detail painting. I have always wanted to try it out – and figured this would be a perfect opportunity to try my luck! I also wanted to try out a different kind of Masking/Skinning of my Gelande 2. Though I am not the first to try this technique, I wanted to give it a test. I think the end result turned out pretty well! I used “Testers” Enamel paints – used for normal modelling. For my purpose – it seems to work out just fine.