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Hand Selected Posts and Videos that were featured on the RCSparks Studio FRONT page at one time! These posts are ones that have been featured at the RCSparks Studio Website

HPI Savage Flux | Custom Batman ATV – Action Test Run

From the great producers at: TheDarkdragonwing If you like this AMAZiNG – video – please subscribe to them! They have an awesome RC YouTube Channel!

Here is a note from TheDarkDragonWing:

“Hey, check it out the Batman RC and the Dark Customize ATV of HPI Savage Flux HP!! It was pretty fun running it around the Baseball course again 😉 Hate to ruin the Baseball course but it was really nice and no one was playing any baseball. So.. Batman Take over…. I know, Right! Enjoy guys 😀

Oh, if you want to know more about batman figure, get some detail below or ask us.

Batman is called “The Dark Knight Rises Interactive Batman Figure ” on Ebay :)”

RC ADVENTURES – Complete Build – RC4WD Gelände II 4×4 Truck Kit w/Defender D90 Body Set

1080p HD to be iN THE STUDiO with me! Let’s get our Build on! I got THiS TRUCK at the RC4WD Store! Here is some iNFO about this Radio Controlled Truck Kit, PUT YOURSELF on the WAiT List!

From the RC4WD Site:

Experience the versatility and advanced design of the Gelande 2 for yourself. Packed full of capability, the Gelande 2 is ready for any challenging condition. Put your off-road driving to the test and see why the G2 is unmatched in its class! (more…)

RC JET WEEK – YOU PiLOT a CT-114 Tutor Canadian “Snowbird” RC Turbine JET

Hurdle through the air at over 100 Miles per hour, and imagine yourselves soaring through the big open blue sky – and the plains of Alberta! FPV stands for “First Person View” – and that’s certainly what you get in this film! Step into the cockpit and experience what it is like to take off, whimsically play in the air at top speeds – and set yourself back down for a landing!

The Canadian Snowbird RC JET is based off of the full sized pilot trainer called the “Tutor”. (more…)


1080p HD to get in the GAME! It’s JET WEEK on RC ADVENTURES! The Turbine JET’s take to the sky in great numbers – power and ferocity. It’s time to get up close to these skilled Pilots and find out what makes these Mavericks of the sky, tick. Incredibly powerful and loud – these custom made Jet’s are constructed by their pilots – and are run by computers, turbine jet engines, and Life/Lipo Batteries. In this weeks series you will discover what it’s like to be a RC JET enthusiast!

JET Plane Frame in this video: http://tomahawk-design.com/ “Tomahawk FUTURA”

AC SCHNiTZER – BMW Motorsport – Custom Paint Job



1080p HD will PUT YOU IN THE ACTiON! PART 2 of this very cool FiRST RUN of FPV on my Traxxas Summit. I am certainly NOT the first to do this – In fact, far from it – but I won’t be the last! I see big things for FPV in the future of RC Not only on Airplanes and Copters & Drones – But also on the Ground & Water level! What a unique way to look at our hobby of Radio Control – but also as a human species as well. So Neat how we have learned to build extensions of our Minds, and Bodies though Technology and Mechanics!

Learning and Experiencing FPV is truly an amazing experience. This takes my Radio Control Hobby TO THE NEXT LEVEL. I can see limitless possibilities for First Person View Technology. Everything from Rescue Missions, Recon, Adventure, Transport – there is NO END.

The RCSparks Mechanics Team – Invited us down to the Secret Drumheller Location – and asked me to bring something Awesome. I packed up – and Everett and I headed down into southern Alberta. Watch the video to see what RC MADNESS UNFOLDS!

The Future is here my friends – and we are happy to share our RC ADVENTURES with you!

1X Traxxas Summit
1X FatShark Attitude SD Glasses (With Head Tracking – More to come in future episodes)
1X GoPro Hero 3
1X Immersion RC Transmitter
1X Micky Thompson Baja Claws from RC4WD

Where I get my RC’s: PM Hobbycraft

RC ATHLETES – Fish Creek Park July 13th 2013 – P3NGU1N & Damed Camera

My friends – It is a treat that I get to share the “real life” of RC. My friends Lyle (Damed Camera) P3NGU1N, & the RC ATHLETES crew head into the Fish Creek Provincial Park (Calgary Alberta). Fish creek is a diverse landscape carved out by a flowing creek / river each year. Lyle has captured some magnificent shots of the landscape and the RC Trucks that Rule the day!
With stealthy, and experienced drivers – the trucks are able to conquer many obstacles and overtake the torture these guys are dishing out! AWESOME 🙂 Check them out on YouTube and Make sure to SUBSCRiBE!