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THIS IS OUTSTANDING !!! MY friends of the RC TRUCK and CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT WORLD – TODAY, you see THE great combination of heavy equipment in ACTION – the LIEBHERR 944 DEMOLITION using the LST DEMOLITION HAMMER, a FANTASTIC piece of HIGH TECH made by PREMACON. This too can be equipped to any LIEBHERR 944 or 956 made by PREMACON. Even – as far as I know – it can be used by a FUMOTEC Excavator. From my point of view. The HAMMER is the super tool for any EXCAVATOR – it is so much fun to destroy stones etc. Have fun! RCSparks Studio Photography

Enjoy the video! Best wishes from Germany, Bjoern

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Unboxing a Vaterra Ford Raptor Pre Runner 4WD Truck RTR w/ AVC Technology

Finally, I have an “AVC” or “Active Vehicle Control” RC vehicle here in the studio with me. I have been curious about this new technology. I find it intriguing that a truck will now actually “sense” its own stability. I am excited to put this to the test. BUT! First, I have to unbox it for all of the RC ADVENTURES viewers!


Weight Sled – LARGE Scale Radio Control Trucks

“The JUDGE” is back – and this time we are GOiNG LARGE SCALE! The Judge was built by the secret RCSparks Mechanic team in 2013 and ever since then, we have had a ZiLLiON requests to pit 1/5th Scale Large RC trucks against the Sled. We had a bunch of folks at the track to race, so why not pull out the sled, and giver a RiP! These trucks are all Gas Powered, and have a battery that run the electronics. The Horsepower is Large for these rigs, and we we have never seen a Sled Pull with 5th scale trucks yet – it’s definitely time. The weather is perfect, the track is damp – and the trucks are ready to PULL!

Most of these trucks are LOSI 5T 4×4 (4WD), but John is running an HPI Baja, 2WD. Good for him getting in on this !! I think his truck did awesome, and those cleats in the rear tires.. TOTALLY HELPED!


Rigid Industries Jeep JK – Axial SCX10 4×4 Radio Control Truck

This is a special addition to my collection of scale off road trucks. It is a rare find – 1 of 8 only made. It profiles one of my favourite 1:1 scale accessory companies – Rigid Industries. Rigid is the leading manufacturer of forward projecting and auxiliary LED lighting products in the world. I have a several Rigid leds on my full size, daily driver 1:1 truck (seen here: http://youtu.be/S2ddTbrJfGs). Every 4 wheeler should have some awesome lights.. even the RC ones!


Traxxas Spartan, 6S Lipo, DJi Vision 2+, GoPro Hero 3, Radio Control Boat

What an awesome boat.. and good job to Evtek and his wife for getting some great shots while on Vacation! The Aerial footage was captured by a DJI Phantom Vision 2+, and the Great footage from the dock was captured by his amazing wife, D! The camera on the boat is a GoPro Hero 3. By mixing several different cameras together .. we are able to get a fun filled video for the viewers to see! AWESOME!

The Traxxas Spartan is all stock in this video – here are some specs on it:


RC4WD 1/12th Scale Earth Mover 870K Hydraulic Wheel Loader

I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this Wheel Loader for over a Year! Finally I am able unbox this HUGE, let me re-state HUGE – RC. The video does the size and sheer weight no justice.. this machine is a BRUTE! This loader is being released by Mega-Brand RC4WD and is created by a company called “JD Customs”. This is the same company that makes the Earth Digger 4200XL Hydraulic Excavator. I have 2 of the excavators and am very pleased with their quality and price point. I am excited to see if this wheel loader lives up to my expectations. I am interested to know that this wheel loader has a 2 speed transmission – this means MEGA TORQUE RCSparks Studio Photography Anyways – I know a LOT of people will be asking questions about this product (at the time of this filming – this wheel loader is in “pre-release”, and very limited in numbers. I have copied some information from the RC4WD for your viewing pleasure- , but I encourage you to check out the awesome photos RC4WD has on their site –

Here is where I ordered mine: RC4WD Link: http://bit.ly/1sexRoJ