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Welcome to the RCSparks Studio! This home page allows you to Navigate the Entire Website and also features some GREAT Video Productions!

A “BiG DiRTY” MAiN EVENT Canadian Large Scale Offroad Race Highlight Reel – Losi 5T

BUCKLE UP as you are about to have a BiG DiRTY EXPERiENCE! Utilizing 11 cameras, the RCSparks Studio immerses you in a unique Two DAY Radio Control Hobby world that is Gas Powered & 1/5th scaled. Down and Dirty and packed full of high-flying action – these highlights are from the races that took place in Alberta Canada August 29th & 30th 2015.

These massive Monsters are extremely powerful and they need a LOT of land to stretch out and power down! Welcome to our backyard race track where every summer we host a heck of a private prairie party! All of these racers are invited, and this is at no cost to them. No cost to race, no cost to be there. Just come and have fun! Extreme weather is always a risk – but we want to see as many people smile as possible. This year, it happened and it was fantastic!


Bivouac 1/10 M.O.A.B FORT XL Camping & Offroad Tent Trailer distributed by RC4WD

I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to get my hands on the new Tent Trailer from RC4WD, licensed by Bivouac! This is the Fort XL model of off road trailer (scaled down to 1/10th) that Bivouac makes. I put a TON of info in the video description box for people who want to know more about it. Pretty darn cool, rugged and sturdy. Pretty expensive too.. but if you a scale RC fanatic like I am.. it’s a must have.. haha

RC ADVENTURES – Three Scale 4×4 Trucks Explore an Ancient Wasteland

Click to Subscribe! ► Subscribe to Support, its FREE! – The sun is hot, and the desert wasteland is unforgiving. The trucks are packed up, the radiators are full and we ready to hit the trail. I am using my RC4WD Toyota Hilux (Blue) today, while pulling my Polaris RZR side-by-side. I want to see how my truck does while pulling this extra heavy load. My truck is jacked up and quite stiff in the front – but lot’s of flex in the rear suspension. I keep it this way to maintain the height I have the front body of the truck at. All three of these vehicles are RC4WD Trail Finder 2’s – though the bodies are all slightly different. Each truck has been modified by the owners to function as how a full scale truck would. Each RC with a transmission, transfer case, electric brushed motors, steel driveshafts and more. They really can take on a beating! Imagination in the radio control hobby world is no longer limited, and anything these days seems possible.

A special thanks to my very good friends and RC family David Jr, David Sr and Anna! With out these fine folks this episode would not have been made possible. Anna, the lovely daughter of David Sr, helped in filming & driving, and of course the Dave’s (a Father and Son team) always anxious to put on a really good show for our viewers on RC Adventures! Some may remember that David Jr and I did a video on his 1:1 Toyoa Hilux and his replica 1/10th scale truck here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFzSJc9Lwzk

This is the Tips Video I did about painting my BLUE Toyota hilux body here: Painting Tips and Tutorial

For Scale Accessories check out http://www.TopShelfHobby.com

Where I get my RC Products Locally: http://www.PMHobbycraft.ca

Offroad Wheelin Accident, Trailer Rollover – Chevy Duramax & Toyota Hilux

OFF ROAD mayhem ensues when attempting to reach remote camping spots in the deep back woods.. and towing a fifth wheel, triple axle trailer. It’s up to the witts and maneuverability of the two trucks to get things tight and tidy.. and to always get back on the trail! The powerful Chevy Duramax diesel is able to pull this mighty homemade trailer, but it seems that it could use a helping hand on the trail while trying to reach the destination spot. I am driving the Toyota Hilux and I am glad I am equipped with many tow straps and mounting points. I have a 16lb truck – and it is very top heavy. Some may notice that my front suspension is stiff – and the rear suspension has a 4 Link, with softer flex. This is to offset the weight of my Roll Cage and Hard Body.

I sure am glad we were able to get the trailer to the camping spot, as when we went wheelin’ in the MUD it was the Duramax who was able to get us unstuck!

A Special thanks to Ogden RC – AKA Sean for bringing his home made trailer and truck for an RC ADVENTURES film for all to enjoy! Really cool how creative people can get with the Radio Control Hobby

Enjoy the show, my friends!

SUPERMAN RAMP – CEN GSTE Colossus 4×4 Monster Truck takes flight

What a great rig this is! My buddy Everett wanted to take his CEN GST-E Monster Truck out and give it a whirl in our bashing area. I trimmed up the video to keep the parts I know you all would like to see. Starting it off easy, and working his way into it – Everett starts off with the table top, and then on to the Superman Ramp. It takes guts to hit this ramp with your RC, as you know that if it launches.. more then likely, you are going to have something broken. So it’s completely FULL Throttle the whole way.. if you are gunna risk it.. may as well be an epic ride!

The CEN GST-E (Electric) 1/8th Scale Monster Truck really is powerhouse.. and held together like a champ!

Awesome Job Everett! Thanks for the SHOW!