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Forum Members of the RCSparks Studio send in an AMAZiNG ViDEO! WOW!

Are YOU CONFUSED about Joining the RC Hobby?! This video and story will change your mind! This film was posted by “MrStudofRC” – an avid viewer of our RCSparks Studio YouTube show “RC ADVENTURES“. I had to post this video on the front page of our website – because so many folks from our Forum Community got in on this to spread some holiday cheer across the internet! Thank you ALL my friends.. I am honoured, and humbled by the amount of people that got together SO Quickly to get me this video on Christmas Day. I love you all.. you truly know how to make a fellow hobbyist and his family feel extra special at the holiday time. We are so very happy that you find RCSparks Home.. and you come here to relax, play, learn – and above all else – HAVE FUN! Life is full of responsibilities! One of these responsibilities we often forget as we get older.. or “busier” – is we are SUPPOSED to PLAY! We learn through using good energy, and a creative spirit. My friend – your example of this to me today fuels my inner fire – to continue on! 2014 is going to be a Fantastic year! THANK YOU ALL !

Baby Maurice, delivered Safe & Sound! OUR BEST BUiLD YET!

My first Son, Maurice Aaron David Bidochka (Baby Mac), was named after his Great Grandpa, Grandpa, and his Daddy, ME! He was delivered on October 26th, 2013. He was 6 Pounds 14oz, and was born a healthy, Baby Boy! In this video He is now 1 Month old! He weighs almost 9 Pounds and is a bundle of joy!

He came Ready To Run, you just need to fuel him, and ensure he stays clean and well maintained!

It certainly has been a big change for JEM (my wife), and I.. as we pave a new pathway in our Family! First there was 2, now there are 3 of us! We are certainly proud parents, and man… DiD I CRY MY EYES out when he was born.. it was AWESOME!

He is our best build yet!

A special thank you to Brian, and Dany Dan for sending in the great gifts! THANK YOU

GREAT JOB RCCrawlerKing! RCSparks Forum Intro Leader in the NewsPaper!

RCSparks Studio Photography

Brandon (RCCrawlerKing) is consistently making the RCSparks Studio proud. His continued dedication to the hobby of Radio Control is an example of what true Passion really is! It is so great to see a young fellow like him consistently putting in a HUGE effort in to getting others interested in the hobby. For many years he has been an exceptional member of our forums – Leading the INTRO Team like a champ! (The Intro Team is a group of Volunteers that welcome new members in our community forums). Once again he steps up his game and brings us the news paper clip above. Brandon, thank you so very much for sharing this with us on Facebook and here on RCSparks. The RCSparks Studio is proud to have such a dedicated young man on our team, leading the way for the Younger Generation to get into the great hobby of Radio Control! I am honoured you mentioned me Brandon, thank you so much for being an inspiration to all of us!

Keep up the good work buddy! Here is a Link to his Forum Article!

VERY Pregnant JEM 4×4’s for YouTube! “PiNKY & OVERKiLL” Scale RC Trucks

Jem is 8.5 Months pregnant in this video, and has been out of the spotlight while taking care of herself and our son-to-be! Well, on our “baby-moon” (a get away before our child is born), we went to our secret spot. My lovely wife JEM wanted to make a memory before our son was born – and memorialize this moment for as long as we can. Along came our Trucks – and as JEM proposed to me using her Pink Truck – we thought this film was only too appropriate. The Radio Control Hobby, as well as YouTube have been a large part of our lives, and the audiences know us well. We all know you have been wondering about JEM, and I am happy to report that she is healthy, and so is our baby!

We hope you enjoy this film, please Subscribe!

Centeo Productions / RCSparks Studio – “DRiFTER” MUSiC ViDEO!

Music : DomoBeats , SEFU for Centeo Productions

WOW, this is SO SUPER COOL! I am so happy to promote this Music Video – featuring Drifting from DJ MEDiC, & Crawler TED! I was contacted by Petar Kuzmov from Centeo Productions for permission to use some of the RC ADVENTURES drift video footage for an upcoming film. When he explained it to me, I was certainly intrigued and agreed!

My friends – SO AWESOME to be included in a Foreign Music Video, by some AMAZiNG Hardcore Rappers! What a unique concept…THANK YOU CENTEO!

Special – JEM & I read ViEWER MAiL to sent to the RCSparks STUDiO! June 2013

JEM and I take a moment to sit back and read some of the RCSparks Studio viewer mail! We feel it is important that we let the folks who write into us know that we read Every Letter! We can’t always read them on a video because there is SO MUCH, but, it is important to us to make sure you know we CARE! It is SO Awesome to be a part of the YouTube Community, and an honour to have such Dedicated and Passionate viewers who follow along with our RC ADVENTURES! Each Viewer is important to us and our Family to be! Our Due date is in November 2013, and we are very excited to welcome a new addition to our family.

My friends, thank you for writing in and sharing your pictures, ideas, thoughts and amazing support! We love to hear from you.. and will do our best continue reading these letters in a video!

I hope you are having a great day, and we hear from you to!

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