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New Products in the Apparel Shop with a Weekend Discount!

Hello fellow RC ADDiCTS! Well after many many many requests to get in some new products, I am happy to say that we are now offering Ball Caps and New Styles of T-Shirts for your Bashing and thrashing around in the RC Fields of life! Not only do we have LIGHT WEIGHT T’s – we also have Heavy Weight to keep you warm in those cold months! Also.. after working with the manufacturers – they have offered a 15% Discount on all orders over $30.00 for THIS WEEKEND… STARTING NOW! “RCSPARKS” is the code. It will be good starting now through Sunday 02/12/12 and will grant the first 300 purchasers who use the code 15% off $30 or more. PRETTY SWEEET DEAL! So if you want to get some gear.. check out the Apparel shop HERE We will be working on more designs and products in the upcoming weeks! If you would like specific products.. or designs.. I encourage you to leave a comment below, and BE HEARD!

Bass Line Music Christmas Specials! “Sneaker & The Dryer”

KICK IT RECORDINGS – The Official Music Partner of the RCSparks Studio.

RCSparks Studio visitors have a Special Gift from Sneaker & The Dryer BELOW!


RCSparks Celebrates 300 Episodes of RC ADVENTURES!

I would never have imagined that I would be sitting here today Celebrating in a Fantastic Community – built on the platform of a Video Series I do Online. That series of Course being “RC ADVENTURES”. Today we reach 300 Posted videos showcasing the world of Radio Control in a way that has never been attempted before. Can you believe that the video series is quickly approaching 20 MILLION total upload views? REMARKABLE!

Discussion thread Here: 300 EPiSODES of RC ADVENTURES – Topic

My Friends – I present to you my BEST WORK to date – a Compilation, Collage, Montage, Mish Mash.. what ever you want to call it.. and I paired it with a Fantastic Producer “LUPO” from www.KickItRecordings.com. Big ups to Kick it for AMPING this video, so RCSparks can celebrate the RIGHT WAY! LONG LIVE the RADIO CONTROL HOBBY!

CLOSED – FREE GiveAway! Contest for All!

More information in the CONTEST SECTION of our Forum

Avatar Winners!


“djmedic2008” Top 25 Most Viewed of All Time in Canada!

Wow.. what a great honour –

I realized today that the Youtube channel that hosts the Series “RC Adventures” – Is now in the Top 25 Most Viewed Video Producers of All Time in Canada. Simply Amazing.

I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to extend a sincere THANK YOU to all of the Viewers and Participants of RC ADVENTURES! If it wasn’t for all of your support over the last 2 1/2 years – There is no way I could have continued to make such a fun show for folks all around the world to enjoy.

Secondly, and seldom said – a Special Thanks to YOUTUBE for allowing everyday folks like myself to have a voice in the cyber world. You guys offer a great FREE service, and let all of us crazy people upload & stream vids to your site. YOU ENTERTAIN US! Everyday I work 12-14 hours, Filming, Producing, Practicing and Studying the culture of Youtube. I am honoured that the video series has received such an AMAZING response from folks.

Thanks Everyone!! Heres to another great year of RC Film Production!