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Bad A$$ Summit Rat Rod & Pitdawg Hydro – New Ride for DJ MEDiC & Medic Jr.!

WOW! Check out what Pitdawg Hydro has been doing for the RCSparks Studio! We have been planning this surprise for the viewers for many months, and the day is finally here! AWESOME!

Pitdawg Hydro Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pitdawg.pit

This is too cool for school. Thanks to my friend for doing this for me.. I can say its an honour to have such a a BAD ASS Hydro Dipped body!

A special thanks to my friend KRANKiLLEN for giving us the idea to use this amazing body for my summit! I know that I will be able to get so many hours of amazing Film from this truck body! I wonder how many styles of RC I can fit this on to!

Also – THANK YOU to Pitdawg for the amazing “Baby’s first ride”! Sponge Bob is AWESOME BRO! Lot’s of Love!

Check out the Pitdawg Website: http://www.pitdawghydro.com/

I am SO PROUD of BUDDY! (Phone call from DJ MEDiC2008)

My friends & fellow RC ADDiCTS! Here is a VERY Special video that I would like to share with you. let me preface this video by saying this meeting was setup by a young mans Dad (Jason). The young man (Buddy) is actually 4 years old. Several months ago “Buddy” had to undergo heart surgery at age of three. Buddy made it through.. though it was a Very Frightening, and Traumatic experience both for Young Buddy, Parents (Jason & Allison), and Brother (Baby Clive) & Sister (Bugs)!

Turns out that this family was an avid viewer of RC ADVENTURES!

They are also active members on the RCSparks Studio forum.
A conversation was started in a thread on RCSparks, about this situation – and this is how I got to find out what a good little fighter “Buddy” is.. What a CHAM! Ands his parents & family were by his side every step of the way. We are honoured to know this family.

One of the things I promised to this family, is that if “Buddy” pulled through the operation, and he was able to speak/hear.. then I would meet them over skype for a video chat – Right From the Studio! Jason (the father) asked if he could record this meeting for all to see on his YouTube Channel, and for his family to remember.

This is something I never forget.. <3 Please SUBSCRIBE to THEiR Channel – link in the Video!

CowRC, Setup FPV with a GOPro Hero 3, & Losi 8T “First Person View” Action

This film contains products from CowRC, and my very first time trying them out! Worked pretty amooozing to me! haha – I couldn’t resist. Also I show how to setup a First Person View Camera with the FatShark goggles and a Go Pro 3

Love my Losi 8T – it has a Ton of power.. and is simply a blast to have fun offloading with!

I hope you enjoy my videos & SUBSCRiBE! It’s FREE!

Check out COW RC Products at: http://www.cowrc.com/

RC ADVENTURES – Black Widow inflicts FROST BiTE on the Winter TRAiL

Winter has arrived, and the Black Widow is on the hunt for some easy trail prey.. This custom Axial Wraith 4×4 Trail Buggy is Far from Stock, and is built for pure Power, Aggressive handling, a supreme Low Center Of Gravity, and a Brute strength that no one has seen before in this type of machine.

Come along with me on an adventure that leads you through a journey of an Radio Control Hobby Addict… Discover why I find this hobby so addictive and fun, getting me out exercising, plowing through new trails and fun excursions through the amazing wilderness of the Canadian Outback.

This vehicle’s cost was approximately $2000, all said and done.

Power System: Tekin RX8 & T8 Combo
GensAce 3S Lipo Battery
Spektrum RX& TX
Traxxas 32p Gears
RC4WD Punisher Drive Shafts
Vanquish Products Axle Housing (Aluminum)
Titanium Axles & Steering
Savox Waterproof Servo
Tires: IMEX Red Rock 2.2
G-Made Inflatable Rims
The list continues..

Movie Style: Tiger TANK & 8×8 Battlefield TATRA use EXCESSiVE FORCE on a 4×4 Scale Truck

We are bringing some BOOM with the release of the Capo CD15821 Extreme Off Road Military Vehicle! Based off of the Tatra 8×8, the ALL Metal Truck was an excellent choice to carry a massive TANK! With all of the Military Gear ready to roll – the RCSparks Studio was able to capture this awesome footage for your to enjoy! I hope it activates your imagination and allows you to escape in to our war zone for a few minutes…


Full Metal Jacket – CAPO CD 15821 8×8 Extreme Off Road Military Truck – BV6

This ranks as one of the most UNiQUE and Awesome Builds the RCSparks Studio has ever attempted. The Scale Realism of this truck is just stunning, and the difficulty level is 8/10. I am impressed at the quality of this kit.

My friends I have the Honour of announcing that in 2013, the world’s first 1/10 scale, ALL METAL 8×8 Military off-road truck the “CD15821”, in Capo China was born. The cost of this vehicle is approximately $2500.00, depending on conversion rates. This is a limited edition truck and is NOT MASS PRODUCED. There are only 100 of them. I am fortunate to have the very first one – so now there are only 99.