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Food For RC Addicts – Hot & Spicy Chicken!!!

TNCrawlers Amazing idea of a show.. Check out this fantastic recipe.. In his own words…

“Yeah buddy, Ya know it was once said Get’r Done!! Here in the south and well guys & gals I believe I did just that with some Sweet and sour Buffalo style Hot Chicken!! Check Out the video!!”

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RC ADDiCT Cooking?! I LOVE IT! Great Idea!

You know why I love this site? Because I am beginning to see the creativity of all of my hobby friends from around the world!!

Showing off his Camera, and cooking skills.. Fellow RCSparks Forum Member “TNCrawler” has opened up a WHOLE NEW WORLD! All RC ADDiCTS GOTTA EAT! RIGHT?! Well thanks to some creative cooking and filming.. TNCrawler is stepping up to the plate .. showing us how to power up for a BIG day of RC.. CHECK IT OUT!

Ted’s GARAGE – Uncensored & Extended Version

Ahhhh, yes.. The Infamous “Ted’s Garage”. Simply put – an RC Rock Crawlers Haven. Put into a complex ideology – “Ted’s Garage” is a melting pot of how the RC world and the human organism comes together to make a unique experience. The regulars of Ted’s garage, are not surprised by seeing a video such as the one listed below – but others can see the magic. So limited in discovery – a place of camaraderie, competition, ambition, defeat, succession, and family. Isn’t that what the hobby is truly about? Read more below..


RCSparks Scale Truck Rally 2011

Planning our first EVER Scale Truck Rally is certainly an exciting thing! This will be a Day Run with with the RCSparks Studio Crew and have a good time making some amazing summer time memories. Really, this is just an opportunity to get some friends together for a good time – hopefully on a beautiful day of Sun, Water and the Forests of the the amazing Campgrounds and surrounding area of Blue Rock, Alberta.



I throw in some incredibly impressive Tekin Gear into my MadBash Short Course Truck

This is the first part of my upgrade video…

RC Adventures – Paradise Crawlin’ Part 2 – Custom Losi MRC “The Spider” – Mexico

Wow, its my absolute pleasure to present to you the next Chapter in the 2011 “Paradise Crawlin'” RCSparks.com video series. A rare treat that I can bring to you from some of my travels. It’s almost too much to bear – as any Radio Controlled Hobby enthusiast would understand the gravity of being able to Rock Crawl on the coast of Eden.

This is the second release in the recent trip to Cancun Mexico – really known for the EXTREME Parties that go on there – but not for the immaculate areas for using a custom build, EXTREMELY expensive high end Radio Controlled Robot.. Lol. I smuggled this little fella (legally in my luggage), across 3 country borders… waiting for the border patrol on either side to seize my luggage…