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“Orange Crush” Custom Axial SCX10 4×4 Truck

Well a night at the Rude Boyz RC always reveals something of a surprise.. and always another AWESOME Rig.. Check out what RCSparks has affectionately dubbed “The Orange Crush”.

This big brute is based off an Axial SCX10 Honcho 4X4 model. It has multiple upgrades, and is more than capable to take on the legendary “Behemoth”, an indoor rickety wooden trail course that has clamied the lives of many – MANY Scale RC Trucks…

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Ted’s Garage – A Night of Rock Crawling Fun

Well Friday night RCSparks went on location, and attended a “Fun Crawl” event at the infamous and well known Teds Garage. Quite a crowd arrived, and got straight to business showing off not only their skills – but also some beautiful Rock Crawling Rigs! The viewers, much like the attendees of this little piece of RC heaven – are really going to enjoy a chance to see inside – TEDS GARAGE.

EPIC RC Air Show

The Calgary Flyers Club was in full swing on Sunday afternoon. Calgary is located in Alberta Canada, and is home to many RC enthusiast groups. This weekend, the RCSparks Studio headed down to the Tsuu T’ina First Nations private flying field to see this awesome action take place. There is simply nothing like a group of RC’ers that simply just love to do what they do best.. and thats to HAVE FUN!

Great flying folks!! Enjoy!

RobscoRC – German Tiger 1 Tank – Unboxing

Kyle from RobscoRC knocks it out of the park with an un-boxing video for Raidentech and the RCSparks Studio. The creative and unique style of production certainly shows how cool these tanks really are. With great camera angles, effects and flow through, the following video was quite impressive. This tank is being used in an attempt at an Epic RC Movie the RCSparks team is creating for everyone online to enjoy. We’re gunna do our very best to make it entertaining and like nothing that has ever been done before! Sweeet. Filming begins Spring/Summer 2011.

Thanks Kyle.. Good Job!

1:16 Losi Mini Rock Crawler – “The Spider”

Well there are certain perks to running an RC Film studio. I get to see some really cool ideas come from conception, and watch them be produced into a fantastic product. Today I get to share with you one of these awesome pieces of human imagination built by a fellow rock crawling enthusiast. Im going to refer to the builder by his RCSparks Forum name.. “Stilist”. To precede the upcoming crawler specs – please allow me to speak a little about the builder of “The Spider”.

The RCSparks Studio has been told that the word “Stilist” comes from a Russian term, (with a rough translation), of someone who takes a created product – and makes it into a Number 1 item by redesigning it.. Well the name fits this particular builder quite well. He is a long term hobby enthusiast that has been building and re-designing created products for years. Apart from designing extremely capable rigs, Stilist is a Calgary, Canada known RC Rock Crawling Champion, and is always looking – even searching – for products to improve, making them function far beyond normal expectations. Well what better place to endulge a skill like his – than in the expansive hobby of Radio Control! Read more below on this great crawler design…

Dynam RC Airplane

Lol.. This was super fun to do. I have had a back log of projects (because of building this awesome behemoth of a RC Media Site), and the NitroPlanes.com / Dynam “Grand Cruiser” airplane has been in the studio for a few weeks…