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Articles & Videos Produced by the RCSparks Studio & DJMEDiC2008

MaxAmps Multi Voltage Lipo

So, most of us know the name MaxAmps. The name is synonymous with High Powered Batteries, Long Lasting Cycles, and usually – High Price. But what if MaxAmps themselves, switched things up and gave you more versatility for your Lipo battery usage? Imagine a battery source that could mould itself to your needs. Bashing one moment, Flying an Electric Ducted Fan Jet the next, then whisking yourself away to race an Electric Boat all the way to an Epic Win?


BERG – Custom Rock Crawler

The “Bergler” is a custom built competition rock crawler. The crawler builder, known as “BCRocks”, lives in Calgary, Alberta – and has been building custom crawlers for years. This is his most “up to date” version of this crawler. The video is currently posted as a feature film on my Youtube channel (February 3rd, 2011). BCRocks is a regular patron at the Epic Ted’s Garage, now known worldwide among the crawler community. Many changes have taken place and the Bergler is not the first build that BCRocks has championed a series with

Tekin RX8 & Redline T8 Brushless

There is a reason why I use Team Tekin products in most of my RC’s… in one simple word – Quality. And the RX8 ESC and T8 Brushless Motor are certainly just another example of why Team Tekin is at the leading edge of Brushless technology.

Designed and built for the 1/8th scale beasts of the RC world, such as Short Course Trucks, Monster Trucks, Buggies and Truggies, this powerhouse of a combo delivers an amazing foundation for these rigs to take home the win.

Let’s have a look at each one of these products, and go over some of the finer details.

Your 1st Nitro Heli Lesson

Have you ever wanted to get up close to a Nitro Version of a Helicopter? I bet like most other individuals.. you may be a little intimidated by these beasts of machines that can cause so much DAMAGE in the hands of an unexperienced pilot. Well, before you run to the store to get the next “Latest & Greatest”.. take a Lesson from one of my fellow Pro RC Pilots.

Skate Park Pain – 2

Hands down.. the Biggest & Baddest RC Skate Park video series available online has to be the “RC ADVENTURES – Skate Park Pain 2” line-up.

I have some amazing friends. People that are willing to sacrifice any of their High-End RC’s just to entertain the viewers of RC Adventures. It was suggested to me in the spring/summer of 2010, that we headed out to the local Skate park called “Millennium Skate Park” – in Calgary Alberta – and attempt the BRIDGE JUMP… A never Attempted, always talked about feat, that the guys were confident they could clear. If only they had enough speed… power.. and BALLZ!

Few talk the talk.. and then follow through to “walk-the-walk”.. but these guys pulled out all the stops to give us an AMAZING series – and it was to my amazement that these hopped-up RC 4×4’s made their mark – in the RCSparks Hall of Fame

Enjoy this Jaw-dropping craziness!



Amazing Turbine RC Jets

One of the most memorable, and favourite film sensations that the RCSparks studio ever created, was about a group of highly skilled pilots that tour Western Canada for the summer.. showcasing their amazing, breathe-taking, stunning, dont have enough words for it.. COOLEST JETS EVER! Some of these machines cost over $25,000 USD just to put together .. let alone to hurdle them though the air at speeds reaching in excess of 400kph, (or 250mph)!! Truly a spectacle to be witnessed in person – but this short series will get you as close as I could get to the action. I even had a chance to make it “back-stage” to chat with a few of the pilots.. and get a close-up look at some of these aerial acrobatic flying machines.