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2009 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon RC

Without a doubt.. I am a complete water lush. What I mean by that.. is any chance I can get to throw one of my highly customized RC’s into a creek, river, or any kind of bog.. IM TOTALLY IN!

Though this little truck looks like it wont quite make it .. persistence, a good setup – and an eager driver… Makes this EPIC WIN .. one to remember! Im sure you will be surprised when you witness how capable these mini-4×4’s can be.


Axial SCX10 – 1992 Jeep Cherokee

Though this video is one of my lesser known productions.. it clearly stands out as one of my favourites. For this short film, my wife and I travelled a few hours out of the city to a near by town called “Banff”, in Alberta Canada.

This film was shot and produced before the new iMac computers made their way into the RCSparks studio.. and really was a cool look into Jungle-type of RC Adventures. Follow along as this little Monster Truck tramples everything in its path.. and shows off a picturesque type of Nature that is rarely seen.


“Tweakin’ at TED’s GARAGE”

Produced in early 2011, this film was a complete pleasure to make. By utilizing various techniques I have learned over the last two years of filming RC’s at “Teds Garage” (More info on Teds Garage in the blog section), I filmed, edited, produced and scored the music to aptly fit this video. with a good balance of Action, Effects, and amazing purpose built Rock Crawler RC’s.. this film is bound to be among the top viewed of my video collection. Totally Gothic, and Epic in nature.. enjoy this beauty of a short film.


Pink Axial On Fire

Striving to give the viewers the best possible show I can, & continuing to work with computer driven graphics, top end software, and honing my skills in video editing – I pressed on making new and Exciting RC ADVENTURES for people to enjoy. Always attempting new techniques, and providing the viewers with jaw dropping RC effects on the trails.. this video is intended to show people exactly what can be done with time and dedication, and the right type of equipment.

This video is of my wife’s Pink Axial SCX10 Honcho I built her (tenderly dubbed as “PINKY”), the first 30 seconds of the production shows an amazing Forest Fire Scene. Pinky trudges through the flames, with engine roaring, and explosions sending logs and debris over the hood of the RC truck. All of this of course- is not real.

The final 30 seconds of the film shows the clip completely un-edited – and true.

Never believe what your eyes see.. Can you spot all of the differences in this film? I bet not. :-)


Special Effects – RC Explosion

By continuing to develop my video editing skills, I continued to delve into the world of Computer Generated effects and incorporating them into the “RC Adventures” series.

Utilizing an earlier discarded video clip from another film, and by adding a unique perspective to it.. this film looks closer at the possibilities of computer generated disaster, and a simple failed Trail climb – when my truck flipped over during filming.

Though this video is a very short 1 minute sequence, it took me more than 2 days of dedicated learning, and Editing work to achieve this amazing effect.

Enjoy !


Tamiya CR01 – JEEP ON SAFARI! 390,000+ Views


This is one of my favourite videos. The sound that I scored with it, the build job from my old buddy of 25+ years.. a combination of fun camera work.. and great driving, has made this a success of an RC Adventure. Enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of viewers.. This film is a pleasure for me every time I watch this. Enjoy my friends..