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Mega Mud Truck Blows Motor

Time for a true test of POWER.. The Beast 4×4 is ready to hit some MUD & Slop pulling a Traxxas Spartan Speed Boat and Trailer. I dubbed in some Mega Mud Truck sounds to really immerse you in the imagination world, while keeping the Radio Control Hobby feel to the video. I run my trucks hard for your viewing pleasure and inspiration. I hope you enjoy the film, please subscribe!


xtreme earth quakes are a rare thing in the North.. but when they strike they are vicious, setting off massive avalanches anywhere. The danger is real and presents a concern for our trucking employees at RCSparks Trucking. . To live and work up in these areas known for plate tectonics, the men and women of these areas are prepared – and can quickly spring into action. Most vehicles are built for snow damage up in these parts, and can keep a human alive inside for many hours. Good thing too, many of the drivers have needed that time, before.

Well, fortunately for our viewers, and unfortunately for one of the drivers in this film – we caught an earthquake avalanche on video.

Watch and be amazed at how this team of trained professionals rescue their co-worker from a terrible predicament

Models used:

– Modded Axial SCX10 10th scale 4×4 Truck
– Modded Kyosho Blizzard SR
– Stock Earth Digger 4200xl Excavator from RC4WD

RC ADVENTURES – Modded Kyosho Blizzard Virgin Snow Run – Tracked Snow Machine

These motors are STOCK – the only upgrades in this video is a Sabertooth 2×12 ESC, a 2S Lipo, and Metal Tracks. I also added a sound kit from one of my other rigs. I think the diesel sound is pretty awesome, and I tried to have it turned up enough for you all to hear. Unfortunately, this sound kit is no longer available for sale.

I do have new motors on the way, but wanted to get out and have some fun with this rig for you! I know many of you have been excited, and today is a perfect day for a Kyosho Blizzard SR Run!

I hope you enjoy todays wintery, snow covered video

Where I get my RC Products Locally: http://www.PMHobbycraft.ca

RCSparks Studio proudly supports the Ashley Cup 3, 2015

The RCSparks Studio is proud to be a sponsor of the “Ashley Cup 3” 2015, and encourages all to support the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This is the 3rd year that this event is taking place in memory of young Ashley, who was gone too soon. Much love & good karma sent to Egyptsean – Good for him carrying on in the spirit of his daughter Ashley and her idealism for helping those in need. For more information on how to support this event, please visit: http://ashleycup.com/

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Everything is SO Slippery when its this cold out – Snow Mixed With Frozen Dirt and iCE. The Studs on my tires are very effective, but due to the cold temperatures – the the rubber freezes up. The angle of approach and sheer amount of ice requires WINCH ACTiON! So why not take advantage of using my winch, and snatch blocks to ensure my journey is fun and adventurous! I use these scale accessories to activate my imagination and I imagine that I am precariously hanging on to the side of a slippery mountain in a very cool truck!

Jumping a 30ft gap with a Traxxas Slash 4×4 Ultimate Edition Radio Controlled Truck

I have made the jump 30 foot from peak to peak – and I made it at such an angle it throws the RC high in the sky – or, at least that it is what it is designed for. This is my Traxxas Slash Ultimate edition. When purchased it comes with all the aluminum upgrades already done. To power this truck (everything is stock) I am using a 3s 5000mah lipo battery. Its a hard case, and quite heavy. For the tires, I am using Proline Racings brand of paddle or “scoop” tire. The truck handles great in the air, and I look forward to jumping this truck again!