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Jetlag2222 HPI Super 5SC Flux Upgrades1

Here is the 1st set of upgrades for the Super 5SC Flux. I did several different upgrades, some needed, and some I just wanted to do. But I have decided not t…
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Edworthy Park trail run

The 18th conseutive for ( damedcamera) Lyle the sunday after the RC BBQat Big Hill Springs only 5 of us then I had to leave early in the run ….And yes I ha…

Bangla Hot Song Bangladeshi Cinema Katpis

RCSparks Studio Photography

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egyptsean – MW3 Game Clip

Game Clip.
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FoxTech Pivot Landing Gear – RCTESTFLIGHT -

RCSparks Studio Photography
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Crawler Teds Garage hits the street in Inglewood with a Summit and a couple Axials

RCSparks Studio Photography

A small group of us out the other day , started on river trail west side to check out the flood damage . Did a loop through the historic neighborhood of Ingl…