Final days as a Virgin – Project Large 2.0 Custom Losi 5T 4×4 Truck

This truck is magnificent to look at.. and as the day draws near that I unleash this beast of a machine – I wanted to take a final video of it, in its pristine state. This is Project Large 2.0. A Losi 5T custom built for me by my good friend Everett. This project was a culmination of great manufacturers like “O’Neill Brothers Racing (OBR 9.7hp Widowmaker Engine), Bartolone Racing, Hemistorm RC, Thunder Designs, Phat Dad, Killer RC, Hostile Racing, CraftWerksRC, Pitdawg Hydro, Savox, and many more!

I am both Super Excited and a a little Bummed that this beauty will be used! It’s just toooooo nice too look at.. but at the same time would be a crime not to put it to its full potential on the track!

SO, my answer – Make this film in memory of its beauty so I can always see what it looked like. I have been protecting it since I got it.. HAHA!

My friends.. Enjoy the look at this monster machine!