Forum Members of the RCSparks Studio send in an AMAZiNG ViDEO! WOW!

Are YOU CONFUSED about Joining the RC Hobby?! This video and story will change your mind! This film was posted by “MrStudofRC” – an avid viewer of our RCSparks Studio YouTube show “RC ADVENTURES“. I had to post this video on the front page of our website – because so many folks from our Forum Community got in on this to spread some holiday cheer across the internet! Thank you ALL my friends.. I am honoured, and humbled by the amount of people that got together SO Quickly to get me this video on Christmas Day. I love you all.. you truly know how to make a fellow hobbyist and his family feel extra special at the holiday time. We are so very happy that you find RCSparks Home.. and you come here to relax, play, learn – and above all else – HAVE FUN! Life is full of responsibilities! One of these responsibilities we often forget as we get older.. or “busier” – is we are SUPPOSED to PLAY! We learn through using good energy, and a creative spirit. My friend – your example of this to me today fuels my inner fire – to continue on! 2014 is going to be a Fantastic year! THANK YOU ALL !