CAPO CD15821 8x8 All METAL Extreme Off Road Military Truck - UNBOXiNG

CAPO CD15821 8x8 All METAL Extreme Off Road Military Truck - UNBOXiNG
CAPO CD15821 8x8 All METAL Extreme Off Road Military Truck - UNBOXiNG (12 min 12 sec)
08-31-13 at 9:42 AM
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  • , - PLEASE READ - ALL iNFO BELOW: My friends I have the Honour of announcing that in 2013, the world's first mass-produced full scale 1/10, ALL METAL 8x8 Military off-road truck the "CD15821", in Capo China was born. The cost of this vehicle is approximately $2500.00, depending on conversion rates. This is a limited edition truck and is NOT MASS PRODUCED. There are only 100 of them. I am fortunate to have the very first one - so now there are only 99. I do not work for Capo, nor do I represent their Brand. Rather they contacted me, and informed me that they are long time fans of RC ADVENTURES, and wanted to see their truck on the show. I am the Lucky one who gets to show it off. Yes, it certainly looks like a TATRA 8x8 - but for licensing reasons, they could not call it a Tatra. So, after 9 Months of gruelling Design work and Engineering - these guys came out with something TOTALLY UNiQUE in the Radio Control Hobby world!! The CD15821 is UNLEASHED! This is a KiT, and does NOT COME with Electronics. You will need to supply the ESC, Motor, Receiver and Servo(s).

(ALL iNFORMATiON Provided from the Website!)

Here is a DiRECT LiNK to the Product: (You will need to translate using a browser plugin from Simplified Chinese to English)


Directly from CAPO (this has been translated) :

"CD15821 research prototype from Czech to Haul Truck extraordinary designs, we have always thought that style bionic spine chassis truck worthy of the world "off-road" king of dominance. The design derived Capo addition to better restore the true proportion of the classic, but also for the miniature, the power source is limited industrial design bottleneck ignite a completely new technological revolution.

This all-metal beast, with a complete simulation 1/10 ratio, players can easily be any one currently on the market the same proportion of the simulation 4WD placed in CD15821 after the configured pallet. In addition to the fine machining CNC carved texture, it can be destructive process is also relatively large degree of load weight. Carriage with four zinc alloy claw hook can be used with simulation traction lock belt. Subsequently chassis or upgrade hydraulic traction system, will add more load gameplay interaction.

CD15821. Has a full metal body shell, and two nodes wiper, players can install a micro servo can be upgraded to electric wiper. Door can be opened, then the interior and seats can be configured. Players from the same painting can be like a real car maintenance. Let the spirit of a more realistic simulation!

Every good car needs to have teeth strong heart, CD15821 is. Integrated heads gearbox, motor position, steering position, the sound generating unit fixed group V8 engine assembly system simulation. Vehicle chassis without any apparent electronic equipment. Hide all them.

CD15821 RC car simulation has now rarely possess different axis simultaneous differential lock feature. Players can by remote access, to remote control the eight differential synchronization on and off. Level two files with remote gearbox, all-terrain off-road release tension!


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  1. Rclover0929 -
    How mutch did the truck coast
  2. Rickest -
    Hi Medic,
    I can't wait for the build to start

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