Hemistorm RC: STYRENE BASICS: RC4WD “Kahn” Defender D90 Custom Build

From Chris De Graaf (Hemistorm RC): “I’ve started something new to me: styrene building! Using styrene sheets rods, pipes and scraps I’m creating my own ultimate version of the Land Rover Defender, the Kahn designed beefed up version of the original. Larger fenders, a bulkier hood, and tons of custom touches will be scaled down to try making my model look like the 4×4 beast that the Kahn is. In this episode I show you my start, and I hope to take away any insecurity that people might feel when trying new aspects of the hobby. There is a ton of stuff to learn in RC, and styrene building is a nice new element for me to enjoy the hobby even more than I already am.

A few months ago, I did my first attempt at painting up a hard body RC, with the Toyota HiLux body that came with my RC4WD TrailFinder II. It was a nice way for me to experiment with painting such a shell, but I didn’t quite feel like I used the shell to its full potential. After reading up on several forums about true scaling, I have developed an interest for styrene building. Some members on these forums use styrene to build their bodies from scratch! I’m not going to start out too ambitious, but I do feel that with the Land Rover Defender D90 body, I have a great base to make my own alterations, using styrene and filler to get the shell looking the way I want before paint.”