JRP RC – How To Make A Rc Tonka Truck Dump

Once your bitten by the Construction Bug – you will be RC ADDiCTED. One of the reasons people stay away from the Construction Equipment is that it is SO Darn expensive – but there are ways to convert older Vintage Toys, or even Modern day toys into RC’s. One of the VERY CREATiVE and Gifted RC YouTuber is “JRP RC”. JRP RC has filmed ways for YOU to convert different toys into RC for Little to Mid cost. – I think you should check it out. Linear Actuators, And a bit of creativity can take a builder a long way. GREAT JOB JUDD! Certainly Worthy of the RCSparks Studio Facebook Network to see! MY FRiENDS – TRY THiS ViDEO – prepare to have your Mind BLOWN.