Learning to race TRAXXAS XO-1 SUPER CARS (Locked)

Just getting used to the power of the Traxxas XO-1’s – this was Everett’s First time out with his XO-1 (Green) – and these things can be squirrely if there are too many rocks on the road.. SO, we didn’t have a broom – and we got as many of the rocks off as we could (that’s what she said). The film turned out pretty good, and both of us look forward to the next season of racing. The Winter snow is almost here.. and the days are getting colder. This is a great film for us to remember “what it was like” when it was warm out.. haha :) The Traxxas XO-1 is an amazing machine. Neither one of us has hooked up our iphones to the controller (in fact, Everett doesn’t have one) – so we left the vehicle’s “locked”. I believe they currently go 60mph (but can go to 100mph when unlocked) We certainly plan to unlock their true potential – but not until the Spring of 2014.