Back To Mexico for a Film Shoot

The RCSparks Crew is on it’s way back to Cancun Mexico around the end of February / March area.   We have decided to return to the tropical paradise as the scenery is simply breathe taking and spectacular for a fun new series. Last year, we took down a Losi Mini Rock Crawler and had a blast.  Completely stock, except for the Bug Body from Proline Racing.   Here is a picture of the Bug posing for the Camera in the Caribbean Eden…

Well, back we go again.  This time.. I will have a completely modified Mini Rock Crawler.. with a Custom Chassis and Build job completed by one of my personal friends.. “Stilist”  , from   Stilist has been a member of my city based forums for years, and recently has offered to build an AWESOME rig to go with a fantastic film series. Now only to get the little beast across the border, though Airport security – with out the Mexican border patrol seizing it because it look so darn cool.   And no – you may not see a preview of the RIG.. LMAO..  You will have to wait for the film series. But I promise.. as always.. this rig will be just as spectacular as other RC Adventures “worthy” RC.  

And it will crawl just as well :)

I will leave you with this footage of the amazing trip last year. The two videos are only two of the four short films that was created to celebrate, the RCSparks 100th RC Adventures mark!

Enjoy :-)


    I am trying to convert my exceed mad crawler to 4wheel steering just for fun but finding parts is a real bitch. Do you know where (short of buying another truck and using those front end parts? A dealer that has adjustable links in varying lengths would work, I’ve been pretty good at “AFRO-ENGINEERING” most of my life and stretching this and 4ws would be freaking awesome. Any great dealers out there that’ll have what i need? google search sux. thank you my friend I always refer to your vids when i got questions first then ask other places if I don’t get an answer. Thanks again