PRESENTING: The 3rd RC ADVENTURE film to reach 1 Million Hobby Viewers!

SO SUPER COOL! Not only did I get to release a NEW RC ADVENTURE TODAY… but one of my videos crossed 1 MILLION VIEWS.. this is the 3rd RC video of mine to reach more than 1 Million people.. That is SO NEAT! It’s a pleasure my friends..

Wow, I’m simply astounded and HONOURED! Another RC ADVENTURE video to reach more than 1,000,000 people..! I recall the time of shooting the film fondly.. In July 2010, I remember some of my very close friends asking me if we could go out trailing together, and it was to be a Great day for SUN, FUN & Adventure! Little did we know that our trail excursions were to be watched by more than a million people.. within just a few short years! So SUPER COOL! A special thanks to the boys for putting up with my direction and letting me setup shots for the film! Everyone.. please raise a glass to the Stars of RC ADVENTURES.. If it wasn’t for them.. we couldn’t be entertained!