Offroad Wheelin Accident, Trailer Rollover – Chevy Duramax & Toyota Hilux

OFF ROAD mayhem ensues when attempting to reach remote camping spots in the deep back woods.. and towing a fifth wheel, triple axle trailer. It’s up to the witts and maneuverability of the two trucks to get things tight and tidy.. and to always get back on the trail! The powerful Chevy Duramax diesel is able to pull this mighty homemade trailer, but it seems that it could use a helping hand on the trail while trying to reach the destination spot. I am driving the Toyota Hilux and I am glad I am equipped with many tow straps and mounting points. I have a 16lb truck – and it is very top heavy. Some may notice that my front suspension is stiff – and the rear suspension has a 4 Link, with softer flex. This is to offset the weight of my Roll Cage and Hard Body.

I sure am glad we were able to get the trailer to the camping spot, as when we went wheelin’ in the MUD it was the Duramax who was able to get us unstuck!

A Special thanks to Ogden RC – AKA Sean for bringing his home made trailer and truck for an RC ADVENTURES film for all to enjoy! Really cool how creative people can get with the Radio Control Hobby

Enjoy the show, my friends!