OPTiMUS OVERKiLL – Transformers 30 Year Anniversary Tribute – Bloodshot Airbrushing

Happy New Year Everyone! 2014 is now upon us – and to celebrate an AWESOME 2013 – and to Welcome in a New Year with an EPiC Unveiling, is the ONLY Way To GO! My friends, I have been working with Ryan from Bloodshot Airbrushing for MONTHS, preparing for the HD OVERKiLL / OPTiMUS OVERKiLL Transformation! It has taken over 6 Months of planning, purchasing, painting, etc.. and Finally.. we get to celebrate it WiTH YOU!

A Special THANK YOU goes out to my friend RYAN, for stepping up the game and coming into the studio to shoot this film! This is his first time on camera in the Studio – but he is NO STRANGER to RC ADVENTURES! Here is a Link to his Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/bloodshot.airbrushing His artwork is stunning, and he has several Photo Albums of work available for the public to see! Send him a friend request!

We have been working on this project with the intentions of meshing two MEGA MACHiNES into ONE. HD Overkill is known WORLD Wide and so is the EPiC OPTiMUS PRiME! What Better a Way to Celebrate the 30 Year Anniversary of the TRANSFORMERS! We all have great respect for the characters
show, the Movies, the Games, and MORE!

My friends.. THiS is our NEW YEARS Gift TO YOU!