Proboat Miss Elam Hydro Enters the Studio

Well.. I can say I am officially in over my head.. Bahah IN RAW POWER. What do you think everyone, is this boat a beauty of what? I don’t even have much to talk about .. other than the very little I know about boats.. but I acquired this beauty in a trade for one of my “famous” mini-rock crawlers – “The Spider”. now.. getting ready for next season – I have a great new boat I will be happy to film in the spring. I just have to learn about it!

You can see the guts of these Electric BEAST has already been re-done.. and I fear I may have a SUPER FAST machine on my hands.. heh hee! Im going to need a BIG POND!

Check out the Electronics in this! Looks nasty for a MaxAmps 4S Lipo to go into.. Im gunna need 6000mah batts!

Well, Lots to learn.. and lot’s to look forward to.. I know Ill get a few others before dropping this boat into the water! But when I do.. .OH MAMMA!

Better Look out! FUN HAS A NEW NAME… and it’s called SPEED!

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  • dale

    Sweet boat man good swap I would say cant wait for the RC adevntures video